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Persist in and Insist on
Color Accuracy

What is color to you? BenQ understands. For years, we’ve been listening to your needs. It’s your need that drove us to polish and advance in our craftsmanship to give you the most accurate colors.

with Passion

We hold ourselves to the highest standards to create the AQCOLOR Technology. At its core, there are 4 principles and 5 elements at play which guarantee color accuracy for a color-critical monitor.


BenQ holds on to the spirit of perfection in selecting the best components and materials to guarantee a monitor with optimal color performance.


We pour our heart into the design of our products. The intricate craftsmanship of the monitor is a reflection of our persistence and dedication to bring you the ultimate in color performance.


We carefully stick to the five elements of accurate color, which eliminate even the smallest variation to perfectly illuminate every detail.

Five Elements to Create Color Accurate Monitors
Precision instrument

High-precision calibrated equipment is utilized in our manufacturing process to correct our monitors.

Gamma correction

Through gamma correction, the tonal gradation will be rendered smooth and realistic.

Color temperature adjustment

Color temperatures are carefully corrected to get an appropriate color cast for your works.

Color gamut correction

Correct color gamut brings out precise color performance to reproduce authentic colors.

Uniformity compensation

We fine-tune color and brightness unevenness across the whole screen to achieve corner-to-corner uniformity.


The factory-calibrated report we provide with every monitor not only guarantees our strict color tests comply with the industry standard, but also demonstrates BenQ’s effort to bring you a monitor with colors you trust.

Colors You Desire

As a craftsman of color, BenQ’s mission is to provide you with a vision of color precision. Convey concepts, emotions and visions with accurate colors that help ideas reach their potential.