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Full HD 1080p Outdoor IPX2 Projector with Bluetooth Speaker & Extra Bass | GS50

  • 1080p Full HD Resolution & 500 ANSI Lumens Brightness

  • 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker with Extra Bass & Android TV

  • IPX2 Splash & Drop Proof, Autofocus & Side Projection



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Create Great Outdoor Memories

Create cherished memories with family and friends at your favorite outdoor place. With the GS50’s portability, splash proof and drop protection design, it is easy to create magical cinematic experiences and extraordinary moments while surrounded by nature or in your own backyard.

Music, Movies, & Nonstop Fun

Make your next camping trip or backyard party an event to remember. The GS50 can keep the music playing as a Bluetooth speaker, with deep bass rumbling from its dedicated woofer. Or shift the mode and it delivers all-in-one cinema enjoyment as a portable projector. The rugged design and powerful features leave you worry-free and ready for fun.

BenQ GS50 can keep the music playing as a Bluetooth speaker

Extra Bass for Emotions in Details

Offering an enhanced cinematic immersive experience even outdoors, the built-in 2.1 channel speaker features dual 5W midrange tweeters with a powerful 10W woofer. You can hear the subtle flow of water, falling leaves, as well as booming explosions. Included are optimized sound modes for the best audio quality in movies, shows, sports, games, and music.


Digital Signal Processor

Undistorted lows and clearer highs



Natural, gentle, and low distortion bass

Midrange Tweeter

Midrange Tweeter

Detailed, crisp, and pure mids and highs



270-degree sound output design

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The patented correction algorithm of the speaker and psychoacoustics tuning allow for better 3D surround sound, more detailed highs, and more powerful vocals; at the same time, they achieve an excellent cinematic bass sound while preserving exquisitely detailed highs.

The damper of the woofer uses patented DuPont Conax material that improves the stability and smoothness of the suspension system through its high output power tolerance, impact resistance, and elastic recovery rate. The cone uses a composite material of paper pulp and animal-plant fiber with just the right amount of internal resistance. The result is a smoother frequency response curve that makes the bass sound natural, gentle, and with low distortion.

The tweeter's magnet and circuit are powered by a neodymium magnet with a strong magnetic field that enhances driver efficiency, while the mid-range diaphragm is made with a PEI and PU composite material that prevents damage. The result is an extended high-frequency sound that is delicate, crisp, and clear, making it perfect for rendering the tones and overtones of instruments like tuning forks, electric guitars, triangles, and violins.

The cabinet has a ported design for a 2.1 channel and 270 degrees sound projection, enabling it to produce a wider soundstage that retains the high-frequency audio spectrum without sacrificing the bass to achieve theater-like sound effects. Even at an increased volume, the special high-hardness fireproof material maintains the hi-fi and immersive sound effects.

Optimal Color Outdoors

True colors impart your deepest feelings and leave a lasting impression. True professionalism and dedication display true colors powered by BenQ CinematicColorTM. Offering theatrical viewing quality without compromises, the GS50 stands for enchanting outdoor movie experiences.

Picture Modes for the Most Fitting & Realistic Colors

The optimized Picture Modes are powered by BenQ CinematicColorTM with 97% Rec.709 wide color space for accurate color performance

HDR10 & HLG Showcase Brilliant Details

HDR10 & HLG technology delivers high dynamic range effects with better contrast in bright areas and colors.

1080p Full HD Resolution & 500 ANSI Lumens Brightness

Let big, clear and bright images entertain your family and friends from dawn to night.

GS50 delivers true colors powered by BenQ CinematicColor

Balanced Brightness Day or Night

The GS50 enhances details and contrast in bright scenes and shadowy darkness. The brightness auto-adjust feature maintains theatrical image quality while ensuring a balanced display, keeping your eyes comfortable during extended viewing.

The brightness auto-adjust feature ensures the balanced display in day time The brightness auto-adjust feature ensures the balanced display at night

Your Handy Entertainment Pal

Elevate your entertainment anywhere you are, whether you are having a movie night under the stars or are partying it up in the backyard.

Have a movie night under the stars or partying it up in the backyard with BenQ GS50

Easy Setup in Four Steps

Step 1. Focus in one second

Turn it on for autofocus.

BenQ GS50 autofocus
Step 2. Adjustable for comfort

Adjustable stand tilts up to 15°.

BenQ GS50 Adjustable stand tilts up to 15°
Step 3. From anywhere you like

Let auto vertical keystone and four corner adjustment square the image.

BenQ GS50 auto vertical keystone and four corner adjustment square the image
Step 4. Enjoy wireless viewing

Wireless Projection for iOS, MacOS, Android, and PC devices.

BenQ GS50 supports wireless projection for iOS, MacOS, Android, and PC devices

Multi-platform Casting from Any Device

Multi-platform Casting from Any Device
AirPlay icon

You can stream to your projector right from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Or share your photos with everyone in the room.

Chromecast built-in icon
Chromecast Built-in

Google-certified Android TV has built-in Chromecast technology. Cast your favorite entertainment—movies & TV shows, music, games, sports, photos, videos and more—from your Android or iOS device, Mac or Windows computer, or Chromebook to your projector, all without needing to purchase an extra streaming device

*Mobile, laptop and projector must be connected to same wireless network.

*You can cast Netflix content ONLY via the Chrome browser on your computer, but CANNOT cast via the mobile version of the Chrome browser due to Netflix limitations.

*To run Chromecast on iOS: Download a Chromecast-supporting app like Video Cast. Select the projector from the top right hand of your screen.

BenQ GS50 projection distance from 80"~100"

Optimal Viewing Distance and Screen Size

The GS50 makes it easy to get the optimal screen size and viewing distance. Its table-height drop-proof design adds reassurance.

*The projection screen size is 30" to 120" depending on viewing distance. For ideal viewing, we recommend a screen size between 80" and 100".

Worry-free Durable Design

Engineered for lightweight durability, the GS50 portable projector is ergonomically designed for rugged and active lifestyles.

IPX2 Splash-Proof

The GS50 is protected with splash-proof film. Light splashes can be channeled out of the projector.

Drop-Proof for 70 cm (2.3ft)

The GS50 is double-protected by a 1mm-thick waterproof TPU inner layer and a drop-proof outer resin.

BenQ GS50 The Google-certified Android TV adds endless fun to any adventure

Head Out with Android TV

Enjoy wide open viewing opportunities under the sky. The Google-certified Android TV adds endless fun to any adventure. Feel the vibe whether you’re a party lover or a digital nomad.

One Projector. Endless Entertaiment.
Powered by Android TV icon
One Google Account for Seamless Streaming Fun

The Google-certified Android TV keeps your favorite content front and center, and easy to access. Find your next binge or revisit an old favorite with ease and convenience.

Google play icon
5,000+ Google Play’s Latest Apps

Enjoy 5,000+ of the latest Android apps, movies, TV shows, live sports, news, games, music, and more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices, there’s something for everyone.

Amazon prime video icon
Amazon Prime Video Originals

One-button app access to exclusive Amazon Prime originals and a huge collection of 4K movies and shows.

*Note: Netflix only supports specific authorized devices and is not natively available on BenQ smart home projectors. Please follow these recommended viewing procedures.

If you want to watch Netflix, you need to install the dedicated BenQ “Apps Manager” via Google Play.

To use the Netflix app, you need to:

1. Install the dedicated app “Apps Manager” via Google Play.

2. Install "Aptoide".

3. Install the "Netflix" app within Aptoide.

4. For navigation install the “BenQ Smart Control” app.

How to install BenQ Smart Control app

The Perfect Date Night

The GS50’s LED light source comes with a 30,000 hours life span and provides vivid colors with 2.5 hours of battery life. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy full-length feature films, catch up on favorite shows, tune in to the sports game, or play one yourself on the big screen.

Your Family Prime Time

The GS50 is designed to provide safe viewing and use for kids. There’s no need to worries about the kids watching and playing around the projector.

light reflection icon
Reflected Light Projection

Reflected light on a projection screen is safer than blue light directly from TVs or monitors.

Auto blank icon
Eye-Protection Sensor

Eye-Protection Sensor* automatically shuts the light down when children get near.

keypad lock icon
Keypad lock

One button locks the projector, keeping kids from pressing buttons and changing settings.

parental control icon
Parental control

The BenQ exclusive FamiLand app selects only safe for kids YouTube content, manages viewing times, and builds custom playlists.

*When the distance between a person/object and the projector is around 30 to 50 cm, the Eye-Protection Sensor will detect the person/object automatically and shut down the LED light temporarily.

Carry a World of Entertainment

The GS50 connects you to all kinds of entertainment with universal inputs such as USB-C*, HDMI 2.0, and USB Type-A for USB readers.

*The USB-C port supports both DisplayPort (DP Alt Mode) and Power Delivery (PD).

BenQ GS50's IO port and connectivity support

Bring It Anywhere

The GS50 comes with a handy all-in-one carry bag featuring flexible storage and partitions for your mobile, power bank, handheld game console, and more.