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Portable Projector with Battery, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker | GV1

  • Palm-sized design with adjustable tilt hinge, auto keystone correction and built-in Bluetooth speaker

  • Wire-free and wired connectivity with dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G), direct hotspot, USB-C™ & HDMI

  • Embedded Smart TV App s for video streaming and gaming fun



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 GV1 Light up your get togethers and play spaces, designed for wire-free fun
Entertainment That Goes Wherever You Go

Light up your get-togethers, work and play spaces, or wherever you go with BenQ GV1 ultraportable battery projector. Simply designed for totally wire-free fun, GV1 instantly streams movies, videos, music and more with latest WiFi, Bluetooth, USB-CTM and HDMI connectivity.

GV1 is a Palmtop LED Projector
Your Entertainment Your Way

GV1 frees you from setup hassles, poor wireless connections, and cumbersome cables to just start enjoying videos, social media, music and games. Whether you’re hanging out with friends, cooking for family, or even working out, the GV1 simply fits your life.

Preparing a light meal with GV1
Cooking for family with GV1
Yoga with GV1
Boxing aerobic with GV1
Get lit with GV1
GV1: Video Tutorials
Adjustable tilting hinge
Easy Setup

A convenient tilting hinge lets the GV1’s high-mounted lens produce 100” projected images anywhere, and its auto keystone feature keeps the picture perfectly squared.

 Portable & Compact
Portable & Compact

The GV1 weighs only 708g and is about the size of a coffee cup or water bottle, letting you enjoy big-screen mobile entertainment anywhere.

Wire-free connectivity with dual-band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi and direct hotspot
Cable Free

Wire-free connectivity with dual-band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi and direct hotspot that simply works without wires for your mobile wireless projection.

USB-C Port
USB-CTM & HDMI Connectivity

GV1’s do-it-all USB-CTM port can stream and play media files from a flash drive or any HDMI devices (with the GV1’s HDMI to USB C adapter).

  5-watt chambered Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speaker Mode

The robust 5-watt chambered audio speaker turns the GV1 into a portable Bluetooth speaker.

 3 hours Battery Life
Smart TV Apps

Enjoy the movies, music, gaming or any streaming content directly from the smart GV1.

Simple Setup in Seconds
Tilt Hinge for Perfect Placement

The GV1 has a convenient tilting hinge at its neck, letting you project a big picture at the perfect height to view comfortably. Its 15˚ range means that the 100” projected image can be raised up to a maximum of 77cm above the level where the GV1 is placed.


Auto Keystone for Straight Images

When projecting at an upward angle, the image will be displayed as a trapezoid instead of a rectangular shape. Keystone is a digital correction to keep images straight and square. The GV1 does it automatically.

Auto Keystone for Straight Images
Endless Wireless Entertainment Fun
Entertainment Unleashed

To enjoy content like movies, shows, music, or even games, just install smart apps* to open up a whole world of entertainment possibilities wirelessly.

Easy Over-The-Air Updates

Always keep your GV1 up-to-date with the latest streaming apps, display drivers, software and firmware via OTA (Over-the-Air) live updates.

Wire-Free Content via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Local Storage

The GV1 streams videos, games, or music via dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from your mobile*, tablet, computer and laptop devices, making it truly cable-free. Even when there’s no Wi-Fi signal, you can set up a mobile hotspot and share your phone's cellular data with the GV1.

GV1 streams games via dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from your mobile

* Due to the content protection mechanism for the subscription-based streaming platform, please note that “mobile devices” cannot “mirror” the content of certain streaming services (such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.), but you can watch the content via a laptop or use the HDMI cable.

USB-CTM & HDMI for the Latest Smart Devices

With the latest phones, tablets, and laptops switching to USB-C, you can also connect them to the GV1’s USB-C port, or use its HDMI to USB-C adapter to display the content from any HDMI device. This handy feature even allows you to charge your mobile, or play videos and music from a USB flash drive.

Connect to GV1’s USB-C port via USB-C cable
Media Streaming icon

Media Streaming

Using DisplayPort over USB-C*, the GV1 can stream videos, games and music from smart devices.

Power Supply icon

Power Supply

The GV1 supplies power** to your mobile device, meaning it can charge your device while you’re enjoying your streaming media.

USB Reader icon

USB Reader

GV1’s USB-C port is also a media reader that can play movies, videos and music directly from a USB flash drive***.

HDMI Connectivity

The included HDMI to USB-C adapter allows you to connect HDMI devices such as notebooks, Blue-ray players and Apple TV to the GV1 via its USB Type-C port.

*Not all devices with a USB-C cable have DisplayPort functionality. Check the documentation of your device for more info.

**The power supplying function is only available when the GV1 power adapter is plugged in.

***USB Type-A to Type-C adapters can also be used to read USB drives as USB Type-A is still more widely available.

GV1's Bright and Long Lasting Pure LED Light and remote control
Sights and Sounds You Can Take with You
Bright and Durable LED Light

GV1’s advanced LED projection light source lasts 30,000 hours good for years of spontaneous instant-on entertainment. Its LED-powered brightness displays big-screen entertainment up to 100”.

GV1’s advanced LED projection light source lasts 30,000 hours for years
Portable Bluetooth Speaker Mode

The GV1 becomes a battery-operated portable Bluetooth speaker with the touch of a button, bringing crystal clear music wherever you go. Its powerful 5-watt chambered speaker fills the room, all without any wires.

GV1's powerful 5-watt chambered speaker bringings crystal clear music wherever you go
Ready To Go Enjoyment Anywhere Anytime
3-Hour Battery Life for Binge Watching

GV1’s 3-hour battery life gives you plenty of time to enjoy full-length feature films with friends and family, catch up on your favorite shows, tune in to the big game, or even play one yourself on the big screen.

GV1’s 3-hour battery life gives you plenty of time to enjoy full-length feature films with friends and family
Big Fun in a Tiny Package

The GV1 weighs only 708g and is about the same size as a venti cup of coffee. The GV1 comes with a USB-C cable, remote control, power cord, and a protective fitted bag designed to carry the projector around.

GV1 comes with an attractive custom fitted bag designed to simply carry the projector, USB-C cable, battery, remote control, power cord, and all accessories.