Class Activities with Google Meet on BenQ Boards
  • BenQ
  • 2021-11-17

Google Meet enables real-time video communication from any location between students, educators, and special lecturers. Below are a few examples of how you can use Google Meet to improve the classroom experience for everyone.

Hybrid setup

Google Meet is already being used extensively in education to facilitate hybrid learning. With the right setup, not only can you create a learning environment that is as immersive for students joining from home as it is for those in the classroom, but you can also make the process easier for educator.

The best hybrid setup is the one that will make the experience feel as close to being physically there as possible for both you and your remote students without putting additional stress on the students in the classroom. This can be achieved by having your remote students in the same line of sight as those that are physically present. To do this, run Google Meet on your laptop and place it so that you can view the screen while using the whiteboard. To ensure that the students at home see and hear everything in clear detail, we recommend using a BenQ DVY31 Full HD webcam that can be easily mounted onto any screen and requires no installation. With a tiled view of all the students on the call right in front of the rest of the class, you can effortlessly monitor everyone’s level of attention and call on any students that are raising their hands.

At the front of the classroom, carry out your lessons as usual. Using a BenQ Board, you can load lesson materials from the cloud, a local drive, or a USB stick, and write over any content when necessary. Additionally, you always have the option to use the built-in interactive whiteboard app EZWrite, which provides an expandable canvas that allows you to import documents and choose from a wide range of educational tools.

Remote lectures

A great way to switch things up in the classroom and diversify lessons is by having a guest lecturer teach your class for a day. Google Meet allows you to invite speakers from anywhere in the world with practically no limitations.

Once you’ve found your speaker and scheduled the lecture, the only thing you need to do is join the call on your BenQ Board. If it is equipped with a slot-in PC, you can run Google Meet directly on the display. You can also join the call using a laptop and extend or duplicate the screen on the BenQ Board. Using a wide-angle BenQ webcam will guarantee that the lecturer hears and sees everyone in the classroom and can call on anyone who raises their hand for questions.

Intra-school activities

Go beyond the usual classroom routine and treat your students with exciting activities that involve the participation of different classes. Hold spelling bees, maths Olympiads, poetry slams, or any other kind of event and invite other classes to compete. There are no limitations to schools or districts that can join remotely with Google Meet.

To set up your classroom for these activities, you only need a BenQ Board and webcam. Join the Google Meet call directly on your board with the slot-in PC, or call in using your laptop and extend or duplicate the screen on the display. Connect a BenQ webcam to capture video and audio clearly so students in other classes don’t miss a single detail. Depending on the activity, the camera can face the students in their seats or an empty wall in front of which presenters stand to compete. Each class can join the call on a separate account, giving everyone an overview of all the participating classrooms at any moment.