E-room Education inspires classroom interactivity with BenQ Interactive Projector
  • BenQ
  • 2011-01-01

About the School District

At the E-room Education Institute in South Korea, “smart learning” is necessary. Having been at the forefront of e-learning for over five years, it was imperative that any technology used in the E-room Education Institute inspire interactivity as a means of building upon the instructors’ lessons.

The Challenge

The E-Room Education Institute required a set up that didn’t cost ungodly amounts of money. LED smart boards were too expensive for the E-Room Education Institute, a modestly-sized school. Additionally, the classroom’s space is limited, so the school needed a solution that could work within a smaller room. The image also had to be large but remain cost-effective and eco-friendly to keep the school’s cost of operations low.

The solution the school had in mind needed to enhance interactivity for truly smart learning. Meaning that its technology solution had to inspire its students to participate. One problem the school had noted about LED smart boards was their inability to make annotations and share them with students. The E-Room Education Institute desired software that could support this request, be easy to use, and completely intuitive out of the box.

BenQ Solutions

For those who teach at E-Room Education Institute, the technology is just as important as the information that is being taught. Yet, good technology at an affordable price is hard to find. Despite all the eco-friendly phrases that appear in the ads for modern technology, Mr. Ju-won Yun, educator and CEO of E-Room Education Institute, knew that they were just that: words. Not wanting to be duped by simple advertising, Mr. Yun kept looking for the right eco-friendly tool to use in his classrooms. When he got his hands on BenQ’s MW820ST, he knew he found the right solution.

Many projectors claim they are energy efficient. However, with the MW820ST, BenQ went all in. At 3000 ANSI lumens powered with 0.49 Short Throw Lens, the MW820ST is ideal for its big, detailed images which are capable of being displayed in smaller rooms without sacrificing image quality. But at BenQ we understand not every projector needs to burn bright at all times. With a SmartEco technology, this educational projector can extend lamp lifespan from 6,000 to 10,000 hours by using its various modes. Although SmartEco technology lowers the brightness, it maintains a clear and vibrant image. With a lower power requirement, the SmartEco technology can lower maintenance costs dramatically. The PointWrite™ module, with its 4-point multi-touch capability, allowed for both instructors and students to simultaneously write on the projection without limitations. In addition, PointWrite™ made it possible to save and share all annotations made during lessons.

The Results

Mr. Yun felt he made the right choice with BenQ’s MW820ST projector. Not only could he display images on wide space, but he could also do away with a smart board. For him, the best aspects of the MW820ST was its energy-saving feature: SmartEco. When activated, SmartEco lowers the brightness of the lamp, but as Mr. Yun learned, the change in brightness wasn’t so extreme that he couldn’t continue to teach with it turned on. In fact, he prefers using the MW820ST this way, as it’ll prolong the life of the bulbs. Mr. Yun also like in particular how easy the projector could be installed. Designed for hassle-free installation, the MW820ST can simply slide into an affixed wall mount, and it perfect for even old school wall surfaces.

The infrared pens which the school received with their order, were a remarkable change for the E-Room. Not only could the instructors write on the board with a variety of colors and thicknesses, but calibration was simple. With its 1-second calibration, the MW820ST’s PointWrite™ module allows for rapid setup, making it possible for teachers to take notes and effectively enhance student interaction. For the South Korea E-room Institute, the projector was all it needed to continue leading the e-classroom environment.

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