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Flexibly using Google tools to start your meeting will help massively while remote working and in to the office with half of your colleagues still working from home. With Google Jamboard, Google Hangouts Meet and Google Drive, everyone is connected in a G suite workspace which helps speed up information delivery and makes your team agile. It helps telecommuters return to the office comfortably and work together safely. Let's see how it works.

Smart Working in the Cloud 


Jamboard, as part of G Suite, makes collaboration better than ever. With Hangouts Meet integration, Jamboard brings full-screen video conferencing during whiteboarding to empower team productivity.

Start Your Meeting in a Productive Way

Whether at home or in the office, join your team for real-time ideation and collaboration using any of the following methods: Jamboard to Jamboard, Jamboard app, Chrome browser, or Hangouts Meet.

Collaborate in a Virtual Meeting

Google Jamboard is integrated with Hangouts Meet so users can host a meeting from anywhere with up to 250 participants while whiteboarding. Hangouts Meet also supports recording for later viewing or livestream to up to 100,000 people.

Keep Everyone Connected and Brainstorming Together

Make your presentation come alive and visualize it on Google Jamboard. You can edit the file in the Jam session with the entire team and store it in Google drive.

Make your Workplace Mobile

The Jamboard app with its powerful whiteboarding functions can be downloaded to your smart devices. It allows you to make annotations or jump in the brainstorming meeting at any time.

Using Jamboard on Chrome Browser


Let's show you how to edit, create, and share the Jam file via the Chrome Browser. It's easy to customize your template with Jamboard for a business meeting or control the team project process.

Set Up for Success
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