Meet for Jamboard
Reinvent meetings with Google
Video Conferencing

Bring everyone together in real-time to better understand reactions and have more meaningful discussions.

File Sharing

Get everyone involved by showing files on a large 4K screen and viewing the same pages as presenters.

Remote Collaboration

Contribute to the discussion in real-time and increase transparency between teams.

Transform Workflow with Google Jamboard
Share ideas instantly by enlarging different screens.

Run an effective meeting: 

1. Reduce the amount of time wasted

2. Boost team productivity

3. Enjoy uninterrupted brainstorming

Experience Meet for Jamboard Yourself
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An Enhanced Collaboration Experience
How Meet for Jamboard can further empower your teamwork
Boundless Presentation

Untether your team from annoying cables. Wirelessly present slides or share screens to the Jamboard with just one click in Meet.

Distance Training

Host remote workshops by presenting slide decks in full-screen video conferencing.

Global Recruitment

Start by interviewing candidates with full-screen video conferencing, then gain a better understanding of theie problem-solving skills with real-time collaborative whiteboarding.

Smart Video Conferencing
Set up meetings for Jamboard with Google Calendar
Step 1

Create a meeting in Google Calendar

Step 2

Assign a room with Jamboard and attach Meet with conferencing details

Step 3

Add guests, save and send invitation emails

Start Jamming!
Smart Devices

Share and join jams through the App

Web Portal

Edit and participate in remote jams from your browser


Collaborate Jamboard to Jamboard by sharing Jam codes

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