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1. Order
2. Delivery
3. Cancellation
4. Return




1. Order

BenQ strives for fast deliverance of your ordered goods. Therefore we try to inform you the best possible about the delivery time. The delivery time is above all depending on the stock availability:


In Stock
The products ordered by you are in stock. Our products are dispatched by UPS (Schenker Pick Up Points in Sweden).WEEE fee regarding environmental waste disposal is included in product price.


Not in Stock
The products ordered are not in stock. In case delivery is not possible due to product unavailability BenQ will contact the customer regarding the case.


2. Delivery

BenQ shipping cost rates are listed here:


Box Weight: 0-4 Kilo*

Box Weight:  4.1-7.5 Kilo*

Box Weight: 7.5 Kilo and higher*


€ 3.95

€ 4,95

€ 6,95


€ 4,95

€ 5,95

€ 7,95


€ 4,95

€ 5,95

€ 7,95


€ 5,95

€ 6,95

€ 8,95


€ 7,95

€ 8,95

€ 9,95


£ 6.95

£ 7.80

£ 8.70


€ 9,95

€ 11,95

€ 14,95


€ 11,95

€ 12,95

€ 15,95


€ 8,95

€ 9,95

€ 12,95


€ 8,95

€ 9,95

€ 12,95


€ 9,95

€ 11,95

€ 14,95


€ 16,50

€ 20,38

€ 23,07

Czech Republic € 16,50 € 20,38 € 23,07
Sweden  € 6,58 € 7,61  € 8,37 
Denmark  € 10,60  € 11,73   € 12,97
Finland   € 10,60  € 11,73   € 13.53

* Box weight is calculated over the single heaviest box weight in the order. No extra shipping costs will be calculated if multiple products are ordered. Prices are including VAT.

Excluded Regions
Regions of these countries that BenQ Online shop that are excluded from shipping are:
Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands, Shetland Islands, Channel Islands including Guernsey & Jersey & Overseas Territories of France, Cities of Ceuta & Melilla belonging to Spain, Greenland, Faroer Islands.


Excluded European Shipping countries
BenQ Online Shop does not ship to Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Bosnia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Tracking number
At the moment BenQ ships your order you will receive an email containing the UPS tracking number and notification that you invoice is ready for download in your BenQ Club account.


3. Cancellation

There are 2 ways to notify BenQ of cancellation of your order.

1. Log in to your My BenQ account and cancel the order in you order overview at ‘My Order History’. BenQ will be informed about your cancellation. Cancelling an order is possible only when the order has not been confirmed by our system. You will be able to see the cancellation button if this option is still available.

2. Call BenQ and inform us about the cancellation during business hours: . This does not guarantee we can hold your order from shipping, in case it is shipped you will need to refuse it at the moment of delivery.


Please keep in my mind with cancelling that:
- Partial cancellation is not possible, the whole order will be cancelled
- Order cancellation can only be done before the order is shipped.
- If the order already has been shipped to your address you need to refuse the order at door at the moment UPS delivers.


After cancellation is completed it can take up to 10 working days for the order amount of to be refunded back to your account. If paid by Credit Card (Mastercard, VISA or American Express) or PayPal the refund will be returned via these payment methods.

You can download an example Withdrawal Form: LINK


4. Return Denmark & Finland

Faulty or Defective Product

In the unlikely event your received product is faulty or defective, we will gladly offer you a repair/ exchange should you wish to keep the product.

To apply for a repair/ exchange, please submit an inquiry with our Customer Care via this link:

For a speedy process, please:

- Provide a copy of the invoice, which can be downloaded via your BenQ account.
- Describe the issue(s) as detailed as possible.
- If applicable, provide photographs of the issue(s).


Partial Return (after ordering multiple products)

Have you ordered multiple items and wish to return an item/ some items, but not the whole order?

To apply for a partial return, please submit an inquiry with our Customer Care via this link:

For a speedy process, please:

- Provide a copy of the invoice, which can be downloaded via your BenQ account.
- List the item(s) which you want to return.
- If item(s) is/ are defective, please describe the defect.


Note: Do not request a return via your BenQ account if you wish to return just a part of your order.


Return costs

Free Return within 30 days

As a consumer, you have the right to return the product according to EU rules within 14 days. At BenQ, you have a 30 day period to return the item(s). This period starts at the moment your products have been received at the shipping address. BenQ does accept free returns within the 30 day period. After you contact with BenQ, we will provide you instructions on how to return the order.


Terms of return (Denmark & Finland)

- Make sure to administer your return You can login either if you made an order as BenQ Club member or guest.
- Properly package the order and use the original box in order to prevent damage during transport
- Return the complete packaging including all cables and accessories
- Product should be without damage
- On the shipping label, display the order number of your item(s)
- You have received a confirmation with the proof of the return, which includes a tracking number

For Customers in Sweden please follow these detailed steps for your return:

Before you Return:

1. If you are Registered Customer, please login to BenQ Member Center (Sign in Logo on BenQ site), click Return on the Order you would like to Return.

2. If you are not Registered Customer, please go to Track Order (, find the Order you would like to Return and click Return.

How to Return:

1. The device should be returned “as new” – please include all manuals, cables, and accessories that originally accompanied the device.

2. The device must be returned in its original BenQ box, with all packaging material intact.

3. The defective unit must be returned within one week (7 Days). If you need more time, please contact us as soon as possible.

4. Bring the Return Package to the closes Drop-Off Point.

Schenker Drop-Off Points:

UPS Drop-Off Points:

After Return:

1. You will receive an email when we receive the Return Items.

2. BenQ starts the refund process at the moment the return package arrives at the warehouse. After this moment it can take up to 7- 10 working days for the order amount is refunded back to your account.

3. If paid by Credit Card (Mastercard, VISA or American Express) or PayPal the refund will be returned via these payment methods.

NOTE: BenQ provides refund only for products returned in original packaging and including all accessories. If you return your full order your shipping costs will be refunded. If you return your order partially, you will receive partial refund.


If you have any question or require our assistance, Contact Us: