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Choose from over 160 templates across several industries to create the perfect content for your signage.

New Templates
Restaurant Templates

Attract customers with vibrant menus and daily specials. Create interactive content or use QR codes for a touch-free ordering experience.

Corporate Templates

Build your corporate identity and display content that not only informs, but also gives employees a sense of pride in their workplace.

Education Templates

Inform students of school events, activities, safety guidelines, and other important announcements across campus.

Retail Templates

Stand out from the competition and enrich the shopping experience with captivating signage of
different shapes and sizes.

Service Templates

Grow your business by creating a brand that customers will recognize and trust with informative signage.

How to Setup Templates
Download Templates

Select and download a template.

Open Template

Launch X-Sign Designer and open the downloaded template (.xml).

Customize Content

Modify the template as needed.

Create interactive content with just a few clicks.