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5 Situations When the BenQ GS2 Is the Best Outdoor Projector


So, you’re craving a big screen experience outdoors as the weather gets nicer or you’re planning a roadtrip but want to bring along entertainment. The GS2 portable projector has been designed specifically for outdoors use, and we’ll show you why it’s your best bet. It’s so versatile, you’ll be surprised at the many situations you can use it in. Maybe you’re thinking of a beach party, but then realize the GS2 also works great for yoga sessions in your garden. The big screen is your oyster, as they say. Packing a mini design and useful connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the GS2 intertwines seamlessly with your lifestyle and offers great big view, large format outdoor projection in almost any location. You don’t need a screen, even: a wall, the side of a van, or a tent or blanket will do in a pinch. 

4 young people watching movie in the backyard on GS2 outdoor projector

What Does a Portable Projector Need to Have?

When considering a portable projector, you obviously first think of portability! That means a compact, light design that’s easy to pack and carry. Then, durability. The GS2 offers good dust, drop, shock, and water resistance so you can use it in a variety of locations and environments. The GS2 has IPX2 water resistance and 0.5m drop resistance ratings. You don’t have to constantly worry about breaking the GS2 or that it’ll stop working if you splash water on it or some rain comes by. It’s a tough device. We already mentioned connectivity (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), but did we highlight battery life? The GS2 runs up to three hours on one charge, which is more than enough for a long movie night. Of course you can use the GS2 plugged in, and it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker if you just want to listen to audio.

Another very important feature is brightness. The LED-powered GS2 projects up to 500 lumens, which is pretty impressive for a small portable projector. It’s also very bright for nighttime viewing and even works well during the day.

Let’s take a look at five special times the GS2 portable projector really shines. 

1. Backyard Cinema

Gather your friends and family and sit down for a movie under the stars. Food, drinks, and good company. The GS2’s wireless connectivity allows for casting content from various sources, including your smartphone apps and streaming services. Or you can simply connect it to a console or set top box. Either way, with 720p resolution movies look great, unlike lesser portable projectors and their basic 480p resolution (or lower sometimes). The adjustable hinge design of the GS2 means you don’t need to fumble around for objects to prop it up on just to move the projection, as it’s a simple matter thanks to good ergonomics. The 500 lumen power of the GS2 makes movies and TV shows pop whether you’re using a screen or the side of your house. 

2. Garage Movie House

Can’t go to the local cineplex? No worries, if you have a garage you also have a perfectly flat and visible canvass for the GS2 to showcase your favorite movies on. With 500 lumen power, everything will look extra clear and bright in the nicely darkened interior of a garage, so long as you move the cars out of the way. The GS2’s compact design means no heat or noise or anything like that, so you just get spontaneous movie joy parked by your home. With 720p display (and support for 1080p content), movies look particularly nice. Sure, technically a garage isn’t an outdoor location, but we decided to include that anyway! 

3. Birthday Parties, BBQs, and Other Social Events

Perhaps the gathering isn’t specifically for movie watching, maybe you just want to share family videos or content from social media. Between the GS2’s useful connectivity and integrated Aptoide TV platform, that’s easy to do. Just like with movies, here too the adjustable hinge design and 500 lumen power prove their worth, as your guests can see everything clearly, and getting content projected is just as easy as the summer breeze. With 0.5m drop resistance, if the kids happen to knock the GS2 over in the excitement of a rambunctious birthday fiesta, it’s really no big deal. 

4. Camping Into Glamping

You may be the marshmallows and smores type, but if you do want to bring big entertainment with you to the great outdoors, the GS2 is your friend. First and foremost, its durability should put you at ease. The GS2 isn’t afraid of some rough play, and doesn’t need to be coddled. It’ll take bumps and even a healthy dose of water while making sure the show goes on. That’s what the IPX2 water resistance is for. With the convenient adjustable hinge, you can move projected images easily for better visibility, while the Aptoide TV that the GS2 includes offers a range of apps and content sources to spruce up any camping trip. 

5. Community Events

The GS2 serves up more than entertainment. If your neighborhood association or town decide to hold an informative event, the GS2 can help. Its clarity, durability, and connectivity we’ve mentioned many times by now, but importantly, it also features an onboard speaker that’s pretty powerful. It can definitely cater to a medium-sized audience in a small village square or section of a public park. People will see and hear the information you want to share, whether it’s educational or for entertainment or any other purpose. Easy wireless casting and connectivity make the GS2 a seamless part of any network, pairing with everything from laptops and tablets to smartphones. 

We hope that now you know more about the things to look for in a portable projector, and that you’ll consider the BenQ GS2. Because the GS2 was definitely made to consider you! 

Watch How GS2 Can Bring Outdoor Enjoyment to Your Backyard

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