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AI noise-cancelling microphone for upgraded gameplay

Benq AI noise-cancelling mic brings ultimate audio  experience

You will surely have a blast when gaming on a good gaming monitor. And if you need better online and teamplay gaming experiences, a gaming monitor with an embedded microphone is a big plus. But, are standalone microphones even better?

What kind of mic you are looking for?

If you are looking for a microphone for streaming, gaming, or podcasting, you now can choose between a dedicated mic or one built into a good gaming monitor. A standalone mic often costs you a small fortune and also takes time to install and get used to before you figure out how to make the most of it. If you are looking for a gaming microphone and have a hard time figuring out where to place your standalone mic, whether to clear a corner of your desk for it or find the perfect location to pick up your directions to teammates, then a built-in AI mic perfectly fits your needs. While a headset may not have the issues just mentioned, poorly-fitting headsets press on your head or warm up your ears to cause discomfort after long gaming sessions. If you have a built-in AI mic on your monitor to pick up your voice clearly, this saves you desk space and money. You will surely have a much more immersive and happier gaming experience, and it’s definitely easier to use.

Artificial intelligence mic for gaming

What makes a built-in monitor microphone so great for your gaming needs? Embedded in the monitor, BenQ microphones are never just basic. Instead, our designs take into consideration what gamers need to play better.

Acoustic echo cancellation

Get clear voices from your teammates out of the 2.1-channel speakers by preventing echoes from being created or removing them in a post-process.

AI noise-cancelling technology

This technology applies AI deep learning models (or Deep Neutral Network) to smartly distinguish human voices and filter out surrounding noises such as your keyboard clatters, mouse clicks, case fans, or AC.

Private mode 

Unlike traditional beamforming technology, BenQ employs AI deep neural networks to train a two-microphone array. When you turn on the dedicated private mode, the microphones smartly collect human voices within a limited angle while leaving out background noises.

These features make for excellent AI microphones on MOBIUZ monitors and help bring your gameplay to new heights when you’re teaming up in games. Ready to get more wins with your team? Get a MOBIUZ monitor and equip yourself with the best built-in monitor mics in the business.

BenQ Monitors With AI Noise-cancelling Microphone


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