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BenQ Sponsors Professional StarCraft II Team - STARTALE

BenQ Sponsors Professional StarCraft II Team - STARTALE


EUROPE, March 28, 2011
- Internationally-renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, BenQ, announces today the sponsorship of STARTALE, a top Korea-based professional StarCraft II team. BenQ will provide equipment and financial support to the STARTALE team, including an XL2410T LED gaming monitor for all members.

BenQ strongly believes that only through continuous exchange of ideas with these professional gamers that designs and specifications of a truly optimized gaming monitor can be revealed. Both BenQ and STARTALE aim to be the very best in their fields, and truly stand by the message “Enjoyment Matters” whilst working towards their respective goals.

BenQ has been actively involved in the gaming community by collaborating with various parties in the gaming industry. “The insights we’ve gained in FPS (First Person Shooting) games through our collaboration with the two legendary Counter-Strike players “HeatoN” and “SpawN” have proven invaluable in the development of BenQ’s professional gaming monitor. The successful launch of XL2410T last year was received with popular acclaim in the gaming community.” said Peter Chen, EVP and General Manager of BenQ Technology Product Center. “We look forward to our partnership with STARTALE as we venture into the field of RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games.”

With XL2410T’s launch being a tremendous success internationally with prominent figures in the professional gaming world, the XL2410T was also supported by launch events around the globe that drew enthusiastic responses from gamers. Sophisticated features designed especially for serious gamers (such as FPS Mode and Smart Scaling), have made the XL2410T the official competition monitor for numerous top-level gaming tournaments internationally.
“I have been using XL2410T since it first launched, the performance was great and I especially liked the high contrast ratio in HD as my eyes do not strain from using it. Also, the extremely fast response time helps me make fewer mistakes in my gameplay. I also like the fact that it is an LED monitor as it is brighter and uses energy saving technology.” said Kim Sung-Jae a.k.a. “Rainbow”, captain of STARTALE team.

Resolute in its constant improvement and innovation, such as the XL2410T, BenQ wishes to bring STARTALE and the members into a higher level of gaming experience. This sponsorship acts as a statement of BenQ’s commitment for StarCraft players as well as the gaming community as a whole.

For more information about BenQ's gaming monitors please visit the XL2410T product page or BenQ's speciall Gaming Microsite.