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BenQ supports Open Source Art in Sopot, Poland

BenQ supports Open Source Art in Sopot, Poland


Open Source Art (OSA) is a presentation of the most important international niche music and video art projects on the open area of the Sopot town, so caled ‘summer capital of Poland’. The goal is to revive the town by art happenings and presentations. Event is organised by: The Baltic Sea Culture Center in Gdańsk and Artists Colony Fundation. BenQ is technology partner of OSA, all presentations will be shown on BenQ multimedia projectors.

OPEN Source Art (OSA) is presentation of the most interesting niche music and video projects which were created with the use of open source software tools. It embraces concerts, screenings and workshops with artists whose aim is to look at sound, image, motion and possibilities of their use in full, multidimensional perspective.

OSA promotes the use of alternative, interdisciplinary tools in self-expression and creation of public space and immediate surroundings. Open source software used by artists in their works constitutes a pretext for discussion on free media and freedom of art and life. Open source movement emerged as an opposition to privatization policy and denying access to software codes through patents and copyrights.

This Project is addressed at everybody who is interested in development in the fields of music and video art. OPEN nature of the project assumes a wide group of active audience members who can join the activities.

OSA trailer
Prezentacja autorów OSA