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BenQ Projectors and LCD Making Major Inroads in European Market

BenQ Projectors and LCD Making Major Inroads in European Market


BenQ racked up exceptional sales growth for projects and LCD Monitors in Europe in the first quarter of 2011, underscoring its solid status in the market, which will serve as the foundation for the company to market its branded products worldwide.

Sales of BenQ projectors in Europe jumped 21% year-on-year in the quarter, boosting its market share to 13%, a record high, and consolidating its third-place ranking in the market, according to Futuresource, a market research body.

The company also made substantial gains amid the acute price competition of the LCD market in the quarter, when its LCD sales leapt 33%, boosting its market-share ranking to third place, too.

Despite the effect of the setback of investing in Siemens on its branded development, BenQ has continued to make major inroads in the European market with its outstanding products via the deep cultivation of sales channels. The exceptional performance of the BenQ’s two major product lines underlines the strong competitiveness of its brand.

In view of its substantial growth potential, BenQ began to tap the educational market in 2009 by constant rollout of projectors featuring new technology, which breaks the confinement of traditional projector-based teaching and improve the users’ experience, thereby augmenting its market share. In addition, it has forayed into the realm of models for home theater.

The company took part in the ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) show, the leading professional show for the field in Europe, displaying projectors and complete solutions featuring high efficacy and low cost, to meet the needs of various niche markets. BenQ has rendered remarkable achievement; racking up top-three position in market-share ranking in 22 European countries and holding top ranking in 10 among them; boasting over 10% market share in Germany and is the champion brand in northern Europe, where consumers have higher regard for product design and quality.

BenQ’s performance in the mature LCD market has also been remarkable. Backed by the group’s technological strength, the company has been seeking differentiation in its product lineup. After pioneering the launch of VA LED panel worldwide, it has launched high-end business and gaming models, focusing on large-sized models, in order to achieve higher brand value. In the fourth quarter last year, market share of BenQ LCD in Europe advanced to 5.8%, up from 4.5%. In the first quarter this year, its LCD sales leapt 33%, boosting its market ranking to sixth place. It even ranked third place in the 24” and larger-sized sector. It boasted over 10% market share for LCD in nine European nations, underscoring its solid strength.