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BenQ Group BenQ Receives Twelve 2010 Red Dot Awards for Superb Product Design

BenQ Group BenQ Receives Twelve 2010 Red Dot Awards for Superb Product Design


Design teams of BenQ Group staged a stellar performance in the 2010 red dot design award, underscoring once again the group’s outstanding industrial-design capability, which forms a central piece in its core competence.

In the just publicized results for the prestigious industrial-design award this year, BenQ Lifestyle Design Center and Qisda Creative Design Center, the group’s two major design teams, garnered 12 awards together, the highest in Taiwan and among contestants for the 3C category of the award. This is another remarkable achievement of the group in the international industrial-design area, following its acquisition of 18 major awards in 2010 iF design award.

The award-winning products of BenQ Lifestyle Design Center include V2400 Eco LED-backlit Monitor featuring green lifestyle; nScreen touch All-in-One PC, with a design for every member in the household as well as easy storage; Joybook U103, a netbook PC boasting a slim body and environment-friendly design; and B2210HD (or BL2201T) commercial-use 22”W LCD Monitor, also a green product added with the merit of comfort for long-time use.

The Qisda Creative Design Center received awards for such products as QCM-330 smart mobile phone, a gold-award winner in 2010 iF, as well as four other products also awarded by 2010 iF, including image scanner QPS-210, featuring light weight and easy operation, digital photo frame QDF-103, a product inspired by oriental paper-folding art, digital audio-visual product QIR-103, equipped with digital radio and other functions, and 21-inch graphic-drawing touch screen QTD-101. With less than two years of history, the Qisda design team acquired awards in the lighting category numbering the second highest worldwide and the second highest for Asia, with the award-winning products including Piano LED Table Lamp, Piano LED Floor Lamp, and Coral LED Table Lamp.

Manfred Wang, the group’s Chief Design Office who heads the two design teams, reported that the two design teams have won the acknowledgement of 279 international awards so far, adding that the most awards won in the 3C category of red dot embodies the teams’ persistent pursuit for breakthrough. In line with the design philosophy stressing digital lifestyle and innovative maturity, the teams will continue rolling out new products in multiple fields. Wang noted that it’s not easy for the teams to excel in both the 3C and lighting categories of red dot, which stress designs related to lifestyle and consumer products, different from iF emphasizing industrial design.

Germany’s red dot and iF are listed along with IDEA of the U.S. and Japan’s G-mark as the world’s four major industrial-design awards. Taiwan staged a record performance in red dot 2010, as sixty-seven Taiwanese products received awards, the second highest, only trailing the host country Germany. The festive awards presentation with more than 1,000 guests will take place in the Essen opera house, the Aalto-Theater, on 5 July 2010. In Essen, Germany, the 2010 European Capital of Culture, the product will then be presented in a four-week special exhibition at the red dot design museum on the premises of the Zollverein colliery.