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BenQ’s new V2410T monitor – Stylishly clear choice for users to go Green

BenQ’s new V2410T monitor – Stylishly clear choice for users to go Green


World's first LED monitor tailor made for corporate consumers

Internationally-renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, BenQ, extend their LED monitors lineup with its introduction of the 24” wide screen V2410T. The V2410T is designed with its corporate users’ comfort in mind. Let this new model define who you are – tastefully stylish and yet environmentally conscious.

BenQ’s V2410T is designed to cater for corporate users’ needs. It comes with a height adjustment function allowing users to adjust the screen’s height according to theirs, and not vice-versa, negating the risks of neck discomfort or strain. With this corporate users can now comfortably enjoy the hours in front of their LED monitor.

Unlike the CCFL technology used in the LCD monitors, V2410T uses energy efficient LED backlighting. In comparison to a CCFL monitor* V2410T consumes 44% less power; and 56% less whilst in Eco mode. This LED monitor surpasses not only performance metrics such as higher dynamic contrast, no light leakage and are flicker-free, but also has environmental factors for instance: LED monitors are free of the arsenic substance of mercury. With this, users who spend long hours in front of their screens will not have to trade-in quality and style at the expense of the environment.

BenQ’s V2410T LED backlit screen with Full 1080p High-Definition at 16:9 aspect ratio presents users the perfection of uncompressed images. Further enhanced with BenQ’s Senseye® Human Visual Technology using its six proprietary calibration techniques, the monitor is able to produce uncompromised, crystal clear visuals.

A “Display mode hot key", located on the right side of this monitor’s bezel, allows aspect ratios other than 16:9 to be displayed without geometric distortion. Therefore, it can perfectly display a non-widescreen image or movie with its 16:9 widescreen panel – allowing you to enjoy the best visual entertainment.

This model of LED monitors has passed Microsoft® Windows 7 certification and is fully compatible with Windows 7’s color systems, plug and play – making setup and connection effortless. BenQ’s again successfully proven their expertise in the industry to deliver magnificent visuals, exceptional energy efficiency, and an eco-friendly design – Keeping the product, images, users – and the Earth – all Lookin’ Great!

* referring to the BenQ G2411HD model.