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New BenQ MP780ST Short-Throw WXGA DLP® Projector Brings Magic to Classrooms with Interactive PointDraw™

New BenQ MP780ST Short-Throw WXGA DLP® Projector Brings Magic to Classrooms with Interactive PointDraw™


No Whiteboard, No Calibration, No Boundaries

BenQ, the world’s #1-selling projector brand in the institution market in 2009 (Futuresource, Q4-2009), unveiled today the MP780 ST short-throw WXGA DLP projector – an education-tailored innovation promising to help administrators and teachers achieve A+ results in cost/performance, features, convenience, and usability while encouraging student participation, interest, and outright fun. Among its arsenal of leading-edge advancements is BenQ’s trademarked PointDraw system with interactive pen, which distinguishes the MP780 ST by eliminating the costs and hassles of interactive whiteboards (IWBs) and by allowing users to point, draw, and create on any projected surface.

“The MP780 ST is an all-around best-choice education projector solution,” said Peter Chen, General Manager of BenQ Technology Product Center. “It was engineered with a single goal in mind: to unleash the magic in teaching by overcoming the persistent obstacles of budget, setting restrictions, and usage limitations. As an all-in-one teaching solution, the MP780 ST negates the need to buy a separate screen, whiteboard, and speakers, maximizes usage of valuable classroom wall space, and enables administrators to use the cost savings towards other classroom enrichments like music.”

BenQ PointDraw System: Freedom to Inspire, Engage, Create
Teachers and students will quickly adapt to the MP780 ST’s PointDraw system right out of the box, thanks to an ultra-intuitive interface. And, unlike other interactive pen systems, the BenQ PointDraw does not require any calibration between the system and the projected surface/screen. Simply connect the MP780 ST to a notebook or desktop computer and get ready to point, draw, and create on any plain surface – no whiteboard or screen needed. The MP780 ST and PointDraw system are compatible with any operating system that supports a standard USB mouse and enables easy big-screen display, integration, and sharing of virtually any software or digital content viewable on a computer monitor. The PointDraw pen features a button that works the same as the “left” button on a mouse, and therefore will allow the user to perform the same functions. And for true freedom of movement, the PointDraw pen lets users doodle up to 8m away from the projected surface.

Q DrawTM Interactive Software additionally expands functionality with various drawing options (different pen types, four ink colors, various line thicknesses), table and chart capability, shape selections, fun screen scenarios, and numerous helpful widgets. Teachers can even record entire lessons that were drawn/written with the PointDraw pen – great for sharing and for re-use.

Versatile, Future-Proof, Easy to Maintain
The MP780 ST is among the best investments for any class because its smart versatility, low maintenance, and future-proof design ensure it accommodates any usage scenario, facilitates classroom sharing, keeps ahead of developing technology, and requires minimal maintenance.

From medium to small classrooms, just one MP780 ST projector fits the bill for various scenarios, not limited to predetermined whiteboard or screen sizes. In fact, users can create an interactive projection space ranging from 48” to a huge 300” diagonal, maximizing valuable classroom wall space. An ultra short 0.5:1 throw ratio (project a 95” image from just 1m) further accommodates even the smallest portable classrooms while minimizing shadow interference.

Further distinguishing the MP780 ST from competitors is outstanding mobility for no-sweat classroom sharing: an integrated USB reader for PC-less projection; remote desktop function; powerful built-in 10W x 2 speakers;; and an easy-to-tote 2.6kg weight.

Equally light on expense, the MP780 ST makes the most of tight school budgets with well-thought, future-proof features that keep it abreast of fast-paced updates in technology and the harsh wear-and-tear of school settings. Connection standards run the gamut from HDMI v1.3, to Composite, S-Video, D-Sub, USB, microphone, L/R audio, stereo mini jack, RJ45, and RS232. Additionally, 3D stereoscopic ability makes the MP780 ST ready for the latest in education content and teaching methods. Low cost, low maintenance features include filter-free DLP technology for consistent colors, bold images, and exacting detail without color decay, and one-cable LAN control and display for product monitoring.

With 1 out of every 5 projectors in schools today made by BenQ, (Futuresource Q4-2009), the new MP780 ST is backed by proven product engineering, solid brand recognition, market leadership, and a trusted commitment to helping educators bring magic and fun back to learning.