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BenQ E1465 Digital Camera – Capture the Horizon!

BenQ E1465 Digital Camera – Capture the Horizon!


Panorama | 5cm super macro | 27mm wide-angle lens | 720p movie recording | LOMO | Color Accent | Fisheye

BenQ proudly unveils the debut of E1465 digital camera today. This 14-megapixel camera prides itself with the renowned panorama feature as well as a wide range of capabilities, including a 5cm super macro mode, 27mm wide-angle lens, 720p movie recording, a high ISO of 6400. E1465 is made for the people who are looking for simplicity in their busy life, without the need to learn the complicated functionalities but still able to capture breath-taking pictures.

BenQ E1465's easy to use panorama mode allows anyone to take a spectacular horizon shot without missing out a single detail. This feature was designed to capture the entire skyline in one single shot by stitching 2 to 3 images into one single and seamless large picture. The E1465 guides you frame by frame when capturing the sweeping view of natural grandeur or a bustling street scene desired.

Go super macro and as close as 5cm for incredible details and an intimate feel with subjects like the close-up of your food shots, or a dew-speckled blossom. E1465 was built for the photographer's piece of mind – take the 27mm wide-angle lens for granted, and never worry about shots that need an expanded view.

Take the fun of photography to a whole new level with E1465 with delightful special effects, and discover your own creative style of shooting. Add effects with the LOMO, FISHEYE, and COLOR ACCENT for the unique personal touches. Make movies with collages of the photos taken as well as high-definition 720p clips recorded for those special moments in life.