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BenQ Enlightens the World with the All New SH910 and SH960

BenQ Enlightens the World with the All New SH910 and SH960


Full HD High Brightness Projector Solutions
for Business, Education and Public Display

EUROPE, August 1, 2011 – Internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle and global DLP® projector leader, BenQ, announced today the expansion of its Full HD High Brightness Projector Series with the launch of two new additions: SH910 and SH960. Designed to deliver optimum performance in large-sized venues of nearly any lighting situation, these versatile projectors combine ultra-high brightness and Full HD 1080p image quality with Texas Instruments’ advanced DLP optical engine to faithfully deliver every color and text projection. Presenters can keep the lights on and engage and interact with their audience freely at any time and incorporate Full HD-supported contents into their presentations. Furthermore, the SH910 and SH960 utilize a host of installation and placement features, as well as connectivity and display options to provide maximum projection flexibility and multimedia support to ensure the quality of each and every presentation.

SH960 – Ultra-Bright Dual Lamp System, Ultra-Brilliant Presentation

The BenQ SH960 is built to deliver high-impact presentations in the most demanding settings, boasting an energy-efficient dual-lamp system to achieve pristinely clear and colorful Full HD projection with 5500 ANSI lumen ultra-high brightness and 3000:1 ultra-sharp contrast. With two lamps at work, presentations can be carried on without interruption – If one lamp goes out, the other lamp will simply work harder to perform with optimum brightness. In addition to delivering 1:1, scaling-free Full HD performances, the SH960 transforms equipped multiple low-resolution video sources into HD-like resources with HQVTM to engage audiences with superb visual details. And, its two 5W built-in speakers complete its multimedia capabilities.

The SH960 is engineered for flexible installation and ease of maintenance and control. The 1.5x zoom ratio opens up any physical space with an impressively wide range of throw distances, accommodating different ceiling challenges with maximum mounting flexibility. Lens Shift offers an easy fix for minor miscalculations made during projector installation by allowing you to shift the projection image up to ±125% vertically and ±40% horizontally. 2D keystone correction enables a perfect square view for every projector placement. LAN Control works seamlessly with Crestron and PJ-Link. The SH960 operates with DLP’s filter-free engine to lower the cost for maintenance, repair and lamp replacement while staying virtually color decay-free.

SH910 – A Performance Enhanced Full HD High Brightness Presentation

An ideal projection solution for corporate boardrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums and even churches, the SH910 serves every presentation with an ultra-high brightness of 4000 ANSI lumens and an engaging viewing experience with uncompromised Full HD 1080p image quality. Feature-packed to enhance the performance of presenters, the SH910 comes with extensive HDMI connectivity and two 10W SRS-certified built-in speakers to support audiovisual multimedia contents such as Blu-ray DVDs or HDTV. It also utilizes USB Display to deliver PC-less presentations with a simple plug ‘n play. Future-proofed with network support for hassle-free maintenance, the SH910 works seamlessly with Crestron and PJ-Link to enable LAN Display and Wireless Display through a single LAN cable or a wireless dangle. Like the SH960, the SH910 also comes featuring a 1.5x zoom ratio for flexible projector installation and 1D keystone correction for the perfect projector placement.

The BenQ Full HD high brightness projectors will be available in Europe during August.

More information, product specifications and related downloads can be found at the product pages on SH910 - SH960.