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BenQ’s M23 1080p Full HD Camcorder – The Ultimate Pocket-Sized Night Documenter

BenQ’s M23 1080p Full HD Camcorder – The Ultimate Pocket-Sized Night Documenter


LED Torch | 1080p Full HD | 5x Optical Zoom | 3” Touch Screen Display
Touch Exposure | Motion Detection | Dual SD card slots

Internationally-renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, BenQ, announces today the launch of their latest 1080p Full HD camcorder - the BenQ M23. Designed for young adults and college students that enjoy documenting snippets of their lives to share with others, the pocket-sized M23 comes equipped with night time recording functions, and other impressive features that make M23 one of a must-have in their lives.

M23 is made for those who have a passion for recording at night. With the built-in LED torch and night mode function, the M23 is capable of capturing clear, detailed video in low-light environments. The night mode automatically set the right settings when required and the LED torch can brighten objects up to 1-meter in distance to illuminate the shot and record clear images in the dimmest of backgrounds. Taking quality shots of the nightscape or capturing memories of friends in the nightclubs has never been easier.

Distant subjects are easily recorded with the M23’s 5x optical zoom. No more compromising on image quality when zooming in on distant subject using software-based digital zoom. The 5x optical zoom with a 5MP CMOS sensor captures shots in clear detail from distance.

This portable and easy-to-carry 1080p Full HD video camera also has extra storage capacity and added flexibility with two SD card slots. M23 will automatically switch to the secondary storage when one is full, doubling your capacity. Furthermore, the Touch Exposure allows users to touch on the area that needs adjustments on the 3” touch screen display, exposure levels will then be automatically set to the optimum level. Another smart feature for the M23 is the Motion detection, this feature initiates filming as soon as the subject moves, perfect when setting up a scene without additional person’s assistance.


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