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BenQ Debuts Second-Generation “Joybee GP2” Mini Projector Joy to Be Shared Here, There and Everywhere

BenQ Debuts Second-Generation “Joybee GP2” Mini Projector Joy to Be Shared Here, There and Everywhere


3LED Projection, iPhone/iPod-Compatible Dock; Optional Battery; 44”@1m (1.13:1 Throw-ratio Projection)

BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations and global DLP® projector leader was pleased to announce the launch of its second-generation Joybee GP2. Apart from carrying on the design heritage of its predecessor’s signature black and white housing, this mini projector made its debut to the world with a number of advanced features. These include an all-in-one Apple iPhone/iPod-compatible dock, optional battery pack, highly power-efficient 3LED projection technology, 720p HD-ready short-throw projection, 200 ANSI lumen brightness, superior multimedia connectivity (connectable to Apple iPads and other tablet computers via HDMI), multiple format support, SD card slot, USB Reader , File Transfer to 2GB onboard memory from computers and two 2W stereo speakers.

A revolutionary mobile entertainer, the Joybee GP2 leads the category with unparalleled audiovisual multimedia enjoyment on the go. Light and compact at a mere 565g, this palm-sized device features an all-in-one iPhone/iPod-compatible dock designed to put a spin to house parties, sleepovers, camping expeditions or even expeditions abroad. With a simple plug ‘n play, users can share videos, photos and games with their family and friends on a brilliant 160” cinematic display or hit the beat via the music playback function effortlessly. The simultaneous charging capability ensures the fun will never stop. What’s more, BenQ has designed an optional battery pack to go with this nifty device, offering users three full hours of big picture fun at 100 ANSI lumen brightness when the battery is fully charged.

Everything about the GP2 is to provide you with a friendly user experience like no other. It is packed with multimedia connectivity applications to support just about any home entertainment and personal media devices and to process a variety of multimedia formats from videos, photos and music files to MS office and PDF documents. The USB Display feature allows users to connect their computers to the GP2 using a USB cable with no driver required, while the USB File Transfer function help users transfer their multimedia files to the 2GB onboard memory storage for light traveling.

One final noteworthy effort BenQ has put into making the Joybee GP2 extra fun to use would be to add an unconventional touch to the user interface. Styling up the user interface with navigation elements from popular multimedia devices ensured the mini projector would be that much easier enjoy.