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BenQ Doubles Up Interactivity with 2nd Generation PointDrawTM Education Projectors: MW860USTi and MP780ST+

BenQ Doubles Up Interactivity with 2nd Generation PointDrawTM Education Projectors: MW860USTi and MP780ST+


PointDraw Pen 2.0 | QDraw 2.0 | 20W Audio Power
Various Display Options

EUROPE, December 12, 2011 - BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations and global DLP® education projector leader debuted today two new interactive short-throw projectors: the MW860USTi with a 0.37 short-throw ratio and the MP780ST+ with a 0.49 short-throw ratio. Designed to provide teachers and students with the ultimate interactive experience in any classroom setting, the projectors are packed with features and functions that make them the most versatile teaching tools, including BenQ’s trademarked 2nd generation PointDraw interactive projection technology, QDraw 2.0 interactive software, PointDraw 2.0 and dual pen support. Along with high brightness, WXGA resolution, short-throw capabilities, DLP® Link™, 20W built-in speaker power, LAN Display, USB Display and many other thoughtful features, the projectors make the best choice for schools.

“Last year, we introduced an innovative interactive solution that freed teachers from the hassles of system calibration and allowed them to teach from wherever they stand in the classroom,” says Peter Chen, EVP and General Manager of BenQ Technology Product Center. “This year, we enhanced that solution by doubling the interactivity and functionality it offers, making the new projector models released today one of the most advanced interactive devices available in the market.”

The 2nd generation PointDraw interactive projection technology comes with the latest PointDraw Pen 2.0 to support faster response time and remote interactivity up to 25 feet away from the board or projected surface and the newly designed QDraw 2.0 interactive software for dual pen control – enabling endless collaboration through simultaneous teacher-student interaction. Students can enjoy taking turns to make their contribution to the lesson using their own independent tool bar under teachers’ complete guidance and control. Like its predecessor, the new PointDraw interactive projection technology requires no system calibration. Teachers can easily set up their lesson to begin teaching by turning on the projector and the PointDraw pens.

Besides the all new interactivity, the MW860USTi and MP780ST+ are also packed with thoughtful features and functions to further future-proof every school, including:
• DLP Link™ maximizes students’ learning by creating an immersive learning environment through 3D visualization.
• WXGA short-throw projection increases the viewing area by 30% compared to XGA and provides sharper, clearer images with less shadow distractions.
• 20W built-in speaker power replaces classroom audio systems at no extra cost with audio pass-through and microphone input.
• LAN Display and USB Display options provide support for quick and easy setup as well as simultaneous multi-projection display.
• USB Drive Display and Remote Desktop allow teachers to teach PC-less with a USB flash drive or with remote access to their computers via a wireless mouse and keyboard.

The BenQ MW860USTi and MP780ST+ will be available in Europe in December. For more information, product specifications and related downloads, please visit please visit the MP780ST+ and MW860USTi product pages on