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SP2-new Full HD 1080p action camera,

SP2-new Full HD 1080p action camera,


BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, announced today the worldwide launch of its new Full HD 1080p action cam, the SP2, with a live-view remote control watch.
Feature-packed with 1080p 60fps high quality video recording, time-lapse photography capability, extended battery life, WiFi connection, and a highly durable and Patent IPX8 waterproof housing, this sporty action cam is built to capture every breathless moment from adrenaline-fuelled extreme sports to exhilarating outdoor adventures and turn it into eternal memory.

What sets the SP2 apart from other action cameras is the live-view remote control watch that comes with it. This is great for effortless, interruption-free handling of the camera, which gives users full and precise control of what the camera is seeing at all times and captures it by simply clicking on the controller or through 1080p 60fps high-definition video recording – no precious time missed and every playback just the way you remembered it.

For outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, the SP2’s Time-Lapse Mode is the handiest way for them to tell the fascinating stories of their beautiful discoveries. Users can capture overtime the states of change of an object, scene or event, like drifting clouds, sunsets, or blooming flowers, one frame each time at intervals of every 1/3/5/10/30/60 second and automatically save them as a Full HD video footage that plays back in seconds. No post-production work needed.

Another feature that absolutely marks a great travel-friendly camera would be uninterrupted photo shooting and video recording. The SP2 action cam is equipped a 2260mAh battery to give users twice the battery life of a standard camera – that’s up to 3 hours or 460 shots of non-stop photography enjoyment.

Other remarkable features of the SP2 include a downloadable mobile APP called “BenQ Action Cam APP” for instant image display and reviewing on smart devices, WiFi connection to support APP remote recording and downloading, and an IPX8 waterproof housing that allows the SP2 to go underwater to depths of up to 60M. The SP2 also comes with a wide range of accessories for added user convenience. All in all, the action cam is the perfect answer for those seeking to seize every once-in-a-lifetime moment of any kind.

The SP2 will be released in Europe early summer 2014. Please visit for more information.