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BenQ Launches Market’s First 27” Console Gaming Monitor

BenQ Launches Market’s First 27” Console Gaming Monitor

BenQ, a world-leading human technology and solutions provider and professional gaming monitor pioneer, introduced today the market’s first 27” console gaming monitor: the RL2755HM. Designed for the best console and PC gaming experience, the RL2755HM is everything you seek, offering synchronized, latency-free motion, low input lag and the best visibility supported by the latest features: 1ms GTG response time, dual HDMI, the Black eQualizer, BenQ’s world-leading color expertise, as well as the highest user comfort through BenQ eye-care features. Not to mention, the RL2755HM is tailor-designed with console gamers in mind from head to base with a place to neatly tuck away your cables, speakers and controller. With every design detail executed to absolute perfection, the RL2755HM is yet another testament to BenQ’s commitment to continuously and consistently bring total gaming satisfaction to professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts around the world.

Designed to Meet Your Console Gaming Lifestyle
When it comes to designing the RL2755HM, everything is carefully thought out, including the storage for your gaming gear. The next-generation angular, compact base stand has been enhanced with a slip-resistant rubber finish on the inner side to effectively grip your controller, so you can easily place it out of the way after each game. A retractable headphone hook has also been installed at the side of the monitor display for you to keep your favorite headphones within arm’s reach. Also, cables can be tucked neatly through the glossy red cord organizer behind the neck of the monitor to keep your desk space tidy and tangle-free. What’s more, the matte finishing of the front side of the bezel can effectively minimize glare caused by indoor lighting to reduce any visual distraction or eye fatigue.

Absolute Control and Visibility for Console Gaming
Stay fiercely competitive with the most fluid console gaming experience. A blistering fast 1ms GTG response time allows you to see every visual reaction as soon as you entered your comment input for action-oriented games. Spot your opponents faster with every fast-moving action and dramatic transition rendered smoothly without smearing or ghosting. Two HDMI ports allow you to connect your game console and another HDMI device at the same time to avoid plugging and changing your connection frequently. The RL2755HM is also built with BenQ’s proprietary Black eQualizer color engine technology to maximize visibility, brightening dark scenes without over-exposing the bright areas to preserve critical details.

Game Colors Calibrated By Professional Gaming Experts
Gaming is in the details. Every feature and function of the RL2755HM is designed and tested by professional gamers and BenQ color experts to provide you with vital visibility and command for console gaming. The monitor is also meticulously developed to bring out every color, shade and tone with optimized clarity and precision. This is all to help you thrive and achieve peak performance.

Fighting Mode Co-designed By Legendary Professional Gamer
For the best fighting game experience, fighting game legend, Justin "JWong" Wong of Evil Geniuses, was invited by BenQ to co-develop the Fighting Mode. Incorporated to optimize your chance of winning, the Fighting Mode features specific color calibration settings that help highlight the characters in combat to sharpen your focus, giving you the winning edge to overpower your enemies.

20-Level Color Vibrance Setting to Optimize Gaming Precision
To bring out your best performance, 20 levels of Color Vibrance setting are built into the monitor to meet gamers’ specific viewing requirements and preferences for all types of gameplay. This unique feature is accessible via On Screen Display (OSD) or Display Pilot for added convenience.

Eye-Care Gaming Comfort for Gamers
Long hours of practice leaves gamers exposed to harmful blue spectrum lights and eye-discomforting flickers. This is why the RL2755HM is built with BenQ’s Low Blue Light Modes and Flicker-free Technology to better protect gamers’ eyes and eliminate flickering at all brightness levels, reducing potential eye damage, eyestrain, headaches and sleeping disorders for a more comfortable gaming experience.

The BenQ RL2755HM will be available in the United States in January 2015, followed by a worldwide launch. For more information, please visit