A Feast for Your Ears! BenQ Introduces treVolo, the World’s First Portable Electrostatic Speaker

A Feast for Your Ears! BenQ Introduces treVolo, the World’s First Portable Electrostatic Speaker


BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, announced today the world’s first portable electrostatic speaker. Rich and precise, this powerful speaker incorporates the latest audio technologies like the electrostatic speaker technology and CD-quality aptX® Bluetooth® using the most exceptional engineering skills to provide uncompromising premium audio quality with pristine medium- and high-pitched sounds.
To those craving to enhance their lifestyle with a wide variety of music, this speaker will make a perfect escape after a long day’s work. You can stream your favorite songs from your smart devices to this speaker wirelessly via Bluetooth® or through it, using it as the aptX® transmitter to your Hi-Fi stereo system. With a single charge, music can be enjoyed non-stop for 12 hours. This speaker is not only pleasing to your ears but also to your eyes with a stylish yet versatile design that will complement any home décor – a pair of foldable metallic wings that achieves sonic and aesthetic perfection.

Best-in-Class Audio Enjoyment
The BenQ portable electrostatic speaker is built with the latest electrostatic speaker technology to deliver premium audio quality from any Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer while ensuring the most possible reproduction accuracy for the original audio source. Its performance in the medium- and high-pitched sound range is particularly well refined, making it ideal for a wide range of music. Unlike conventional speakers, this speaker’s entire thin-film diaphragm is designed for bidirectional sound projection over a large surface area, radiating a high level of audio detail from every angle for a listening experience that is open yet intimate. An aptX® transmitter in addition to being a speaker, this speaker utilizes aptX® to deliver audio signals over Bluetooth® with faithfully reproduced audio bandwidth and minimized latency and sync issues. So you can enjoy CD-like quality sound wirelessly from your smart devices to your Hi-Fi stereo system.

User-Friendly Features
The BenQ portable electrostatic speaker comes with a number of features and functions that enhance your audio enjoyment with added convenience and ease. It can also be used as a speakerphone for answering incoming calls, so you can speak directly into its speaker instead of reaching for your phone. Last but not least, a single charge on the built-in rechargeable lithium battery gives you 12 hours of playtime for a full day’s audio feast.