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Ultimate Immersive Gameplay

Total immersion, blending your world with ultimate reality. Only BenQ gaming projectors merge world-beating input lag with cinematic graphics and symphonic sound for unforgettable experiences. Truly live out your favorite games and lose yourself in the far frontier of extreme gaming with the world’s first integration of maximum perception and minimum latency.

Infinite Immersive Smooth Gaming

Fuse your reality with fantasy, as the Gaming X Series projectors transform your room into the gaming world. Proprietary BenQ GameMaestro technology offers not only best-in-class low latency but enhancing the audio-visual sense of presence for RPG, SPG, FPS. Gaming X Series is the world’s excellent cinematic gaming projector, leading you directly into the game.

World's First 4LED Gaming Projector with Cinematic Experience | X1300i

■ 3000 ANSI Lumens LED High Brightness, 98% Rec.709, HDR Game Compatibility

■ GameMaestro Technology Brings Optimized Game Mode Presets with Low Latency (8ms @ 120Hz)

■ treVolo Stereo Speakers with Bongiovi Digital Power Station (DPS) Technology

Price €1299

Big-Screen Adventure

The BenQ Gaming Series projectors bring low latency gaming and cinematic visuals to life on the big screen, unleashing immense imagery and true-to-life gameplay. Equipped for extreme entertainment as well as gaming excitement, superior video response and visual performance will submerge you, your friends and family in intense action and the exuberant world of movies, sports events, and (party) games.

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BenQ X1300i GameMastro technology

GameMaestro™ Excellence

BenQ GameMaestro Technology starts with best-in-class low latency and adds optimal visual and audio settings for RPGs, sports, and shooters, as well as customizable audiovisual equalization presets. It’s powered by CinematicColor boosting game graphics with vibrant true colors. Multi-source audio mixing, tuned by treVolo and Bongiovi Digital Power Station (DPS), enhances soundtracks and music for captivating experiences. GameMaestro makes this the ultimate cinematic gaming projector of your dreams.

Powered by CinematicColor

Superior Sound by treVolo

BenQ X1300i GameMaestro Best-in-Class Low Latency

Latest low latency Technology

Cinematic Visual Advantage
Full Cinematic Immersion in RPG Mode

Fully experience both the subtlety and intensity of the game world. As you explore the richly captivating details of ancient ruins, let the crisp strings and resounding bass of powerful orchestral music guide you through the adventure.

Mark Nearby Threats in FPS Mode

Own the battlefield with refined details revealing concealed campers and hidden snipers. Virtual surround stereo enhances gunshots, explosions, and trailing footsteps from far to near, warning you of approaching threats so you are able overcome any foe.

Real-Time Thrills in SPG (Sports) Mode

Compete in ultrarealistic real-time sports games with green grass, diverse skin tones, vibrant uniforms, and crisp details. Clearly hear and feel the enthusiastic voices of the announcers while the crowd roars. Your home instantly becomes the center of action.

Gaming Auditory Edge

Superior Sound by treVolo

treVolo-tuned 5W x 2 virtual surround stereo speakers use acoustic and psychoacoustic science to balance three game sound properties. Patented Bongiovi DPS technology augments depth, clarity, definition, presence, and stereo field imaging. BenQ gaming projectors pump, crisp, and powerful audio whether you’re playing games, watching movies, or listening to music.

Deep Bass for RPG 

BenQ X1300i treVolo stereo speaker for Deep Bass for RPG

Surround Effects for FPS

BenQ X1300i treVolo stereo speaker for Surround Effect for FPS

Clear Vocals for Sport Games

BenQ X1300i treVolo stereo speaker for Clear Vocals for SPG
Bongiovi DPS technology logo
What is Bongiovi DPS technology?

Bongiovi DPS technology uses a patented algorithm with 120 calibration points for real-time audio signal optimization. Expect added depth, clarity, definition, presence, and enhanced stereo field imaging in real time. Bongiovi DPS also offers Dynamic Stereo Enhancement to generate reactive surround sound for different listening needs. Bongiovi DPS breathes life into video games, apps, music, and movies through onboard speakers, external speakers, or headphones.

Best-in-Class Latency
Win Every Time

Industry-leading 8ms* response time at 120Hz frame rate delivers precise real-time control and smooth fast-paced action when Game Mode is enabled.

*8ms response at 120 Hz Full HD 1080p. To minimize response time, we recommend setting digital adjustments (keystone, overscan, etc.) to zero.

BenQ X1300i GameMaestro for Best-in-Class Low Input Lag 8.3m

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