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TH690ST | 4LED 1080p HDR Short Throw Projector for Console Gaming

  • 84% DCI-P3 & 98% Rec.709 color coverage, 2300lm, and HDR10 compatibility

  • 8ms (1080p@120Hz) for smooth gameplay

  • Short throw projection for immersive 100" gameplay within 4.9ft



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BenQ TH690ST Immerse in Fun at Your Game Party

Immerse in Fun at Your Game Party

Level up your party fun with epic gameplay. TH690ST does it all with excellent movie industry standard DCI-P3 color performance, stunning 1080p HDR picture quality, low input lag, and 2300 lumens of 4LED long life span. All you need to do is jump into AAA games with your friends and enjoy never-ending, smooth, and immersive action at your game corner.

BenQ TH690ST 1080p icon

1080p HDR10/HLG

BenQ TH690ST DCI-P3 icon

84% DCI-P3 / 98% Rec.709

BenQ TH690ST low input lag icon

8.3ms Low Latency

BenQ TH690ST short throw projection icon

Short Throw Projection

BenQ TH690ST game audio icon

Game Audio Embedded

BenQ TH690ST S/PDIF 5.1ch icon

S/PDIF Audio Out Supported

BenQ TH690ST Larger-than-Life Vibrant Images

Larger-than-Life Vibrant Images

Be amazed by the realistic HDR* details on Full HD 1080p projected images that put big screen TVs to shame. Team up with TH690ST and your favorite video game console and lead your team to victory whether on the battlefield or the game courts.

*TH690ST is 4K HDR compatible that you can play HDR for both 4K and 1080p.

Vibrant In-Game Colors

Enjoy richer, more lifelike colors based on the 84% DCI-P3* color standard for the film industry and 98% Rec.709 color coverage. You will find yourself in the game world, on the race track, or at the battlefield.

*TH690ST is HDR compatible and brings out rich DCI-P3 in-game color performance.

BenQ TH690ST Vibrant In-Game Colors

Rec. 709 coverage over 100% May Degrade Color Accuracy

A color gamut >100% can lead to color deviation and oversaturation due to overabundant colors. Check for "COLOR COVERAGE," instead of "COLOR GAMUT."

Exclusive Game Modes

Game Mode empowers you to tweak the images for the best display in dark or bright environments, delivering pure clarity and detail for full immersion into the game vibe.

BenQ TH690ST Exclusive Game Modes in bright environments BenQ TH690ST Exclusive Game Modes in dark environments
Room with Lights
Dark Room

Win Every Time, Smoothly

There’s no lag to ruin your game fun. TH690ST banishes lag with 8.3ms* response time for smooth gameplay. It’s perfect for fast-paced sports, reaction-critical FPS, and timing-dependent battles.

*Input lag 8.3ms: 1080p@120Hz, 16.9ms: 1080p@60Hz, 4K@60Hz downscaling to 1080p.

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BenQ TH690ST Perfect for All Kinds of Entertainment

Perfect for All Kinds of Entertainment

Make every moment party time with TH690ST. With the movie industry standard DCI-P3 color coverage, TH690ST is perfect for movies and live sports with brilliantly immersive visual experiences.

BenQ TH690ST with Overwhelming Soundstage

Overwhelming Soundstage

TreVolo 5Wx2 chambered speakers provide gamers with powerful sounds, balancing treble, mid, and bass sounds for a rich listening experience.

BenQ TH690ST's Fun-Filled Party for Games

Fun-Filled Party for Games

Expand Your Gaming Universe

BenQ lets you game on your terms. Whether it’s a Sony PS5/PS4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series X, dual HDMI 2.0b* universal connectivity has you covered.

*HDMI 2.0b is 1080p 120Hz/ 4K 60Hz compatible for gaming.


Game Console

Handheld Game Console


Blu-ray Player

BenQ TH690ST Expand Your Gaming Universe
BenQ TH690ST 1.2X Zoom & Short Throw Ratio
1.2X Zoom & Short Throw Ratio

Maximize all the fun with BenQ TH690ST. Expand your small game corner with the flexible 1.2X zoom and short throw ratio to project spectacular 100” pictures even if your space is as small as 4.9ft.

BenQ TH690ST 2D Keystone for Perfect Alignment
2D Keystone for Perfect Alignment

2D keystone eliminates trapezoid effects when projecting from varied room locations for ease and convenience.

BenQ TH690ST 20000 hours LED long lifespan

Display Every Image at Its Best

Enjoy superior 4LED color brightness, high contrast, and saturation for 10+ years* long lamp life of gorgeous gaming quality, with spectacular colors lasting long after you’ve mastered your current gaming challenges.

*Based on 5 hours of average daily use, 20,000 hours of LED lamp life translates to 10+ years of enjoyment and savings. Due to LED long lifespan, there’s no need for replacement during a projector’s lifetime in most cases. If LED replacement becomes necessary, please contact the service center since it’s not user-serviceable.