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TH690ST | 4LED 1080p HDR Short Throw Projector for Console Gaming

  • 84% DCI-P3 & 98% Rec.709 color coverage, 2300lm, and HDR10 compatibility

  • 8ms (1080p@120Hz) for smooth gameplay

  • Short throw projection for immersive 100" gameplay within 4.9ft



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  • Can I use the projector to play games?
  • Definitely. The projector is a good choice for console or casual gaming. For hardcore gamers in pursuit of ultra-low latency, BenQ’s wide range of products should meet your needs.

    Our projector is specially designed for binge watchers, aiming to provide an authentic home entertainment experience with its excellent image quality and color performance, hyper-realistic HDR-PRO technology, and good brightness for brightly-lit settings, such as your living room. Thus, low latency is not a top priority for this projector, making it not suitable for people who have higher standards with regards to latency. 

    For hardcore gamers in pursuit of ultra-low latency, BenQ’s wide range of products should be able meet your needs. We suggest you talk to your local BenQ support team, so we can help you select a projector that best suits your needs and preferences. 

    Learn more about it from BenQ Home Series:

  • Can I connect the projector to any game console?
  • Yes. You can connect the projector to a Switch, PS4/PS5 and Xbox console using an HDMI cable. 


    • Switch Lite does NOT support TV mode. 

    • Switch supports TV mode via HDMI but does NOT support it via a USB-C connection.  

  • Can I use the projector to play PVP (player versus player) games or rhythm games?
  • Yes. The input lag makes it suitable for a variety of games. For PVP (player versus player) games or rhythm games, enjoy the best gaming experience on 100"+ big screen.

  • Can I use the projector to watch the movie?
  • Yes, you can absolutely use any projector for movie, TV watching and any big-screen entertainment needs, and we also recommend dedicated home cinema projectors for better movie enjoyment.

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  • What 3D effects or modes does the projector support?
  • The current firmware version only supports 3D Frame Sequential (PC) and Frame Packing (Blu-ray), the side by side 3D and Top & Bottom 3D are not supported yet. 

    Please notice that the new firmware which supports streaming 3D formats will be released at the end of  May. If you have any questions please contact with BenQ service center.

  • If I enable the keystone function in the projector, will the input lag be impacted?
  • Yes, since image processing is required for the keystone function, input lag will be slightly longer* but not affecting the smoothness in games when the keystone is enabled. *Latency will hardly be noticeable with keystone function enabled, as lag time merely increase no more than 1 frame (4ms~16ms). 

  • What type of connections on the projector supports HDR10/HLG?
  • The projector will automatically detect HDR10/HLG and display compatible signals from sources connected to the HDMI-1 or HDMI-2 (HDMI 2.0b/HDCP2.2) ports.

    NOTE: To automatically detect HDR content, please make sure your player is sending a compatible signal to the projector.

  • Can I set different sound modes based on my preferences?
  • Yes. Please change the sound mode from the OSD menu: SYSTEM SETUP > BASIC > Sound > Sound Mode > Effect Mode.  Read on to learn more about this topic.

     The projector has a built-in audio equalizer so that users can customize the sound output settings based on their preferences. You can choose from the following sound modes suited for different types of content: Standard, Cinema, Music, Game, Sport, and User (User mode allows a customized equalizer setting). 

  • How do I choose the Room Setting in Game Mode of the projector?
  • Please change the Room Setting in Game mode from the OSD menu: Picture > Game Settings > Room Setting, and you can choose Bright Room Setting in a well-lit room, or Dark Room Setting in a dim/darkroom. 

    Under Bright Room Setting mode, the projector takes advantage of the LED color volume to increase the color saturation, so you can see the bright color even in a bright environment. And the Dark Room Setting in a dim/dark room, the projector utilizes LED's wide color coverage to represent more colors and details of the game in a dark environment that you can fully immerse in the game world.

  • Do I need to replace the LED lamp of the projector?
  • There is no need to replace it during the normal usage lifetime of the projector. Because the projector uses an LED light source instead of a lamp, it can last for about 20,000~30,000 hours during the normal usage lifetime of the projector. If you want to change the lamp, please notice that LED replacement is not user-serviceable, please contact the service center to replace it.