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GP500 | 4K HDR LED Smart Home Theater Projector with 360˚ Sound Field

  • True 4K HDR, 90% DCI-P3 CinematicColor with Android TV

  • 360-degrees sound field and sweet spot adjustment

  • With autofocus, 2D keystone, screen fit and object avoidance



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BenQ GP500 Unfurl the Horizons of 4K Cinema

Expand the Horizons of 4K Cinema

Experience the true 4K cinema with BenQ GP500, the smart home projector. Enjoy long-lasting and stunningly accurate colours at home with BenQ CinematicColor technology. Designed with intelligent features to enhance your viewing experience and reimagine a whole new world of 4K home cinema.

Outstanding Colors
BenQ GP500 true 4K icon
BenQ GP500 HDR10 & HLG icon
BenQ GP500 CinematicColor icon
BenQ GP500 auto color calibration icon
Smart Setup
BenQ GP500 autofocus icon
BenQ GP500 2D Keystone icon
BenQ GP500 screen fit icon
BenQ GP500 object avoidance
Endless Entertainment
BenQ GP500 powered by android TV icon
BenQ GP500 wireless casting icon
BenQ GP500 360-degree sound field icon
BenQ GP500 supports 5.1 ch  audio out
BenQ GP500 Larger-Than-Life, True 4K HDR Pictures

Larger-Than-Life, True 4K HDR Pictures

With 8.3 million distinct pixels, GP500’s true 4K 3840x2160 resolution offers stunning clarity and crisp details while showcasing captivating content on the big screen. Supporting HDR10 and HLG to show greater contrast range, GP500 brings out every cinematic detail.

BenQ GP500 reproduce cinematic colors as directors envisioned

See True Colors

Enjoy richer, more lifelike colors than ever before. GP500 utilizes the super-wide DCI-P3 color gamut to reproduce cinematic colors as directors envisioned.

Vibrant Color You Can Count On

BenQ Auto Color Calibration technology automatically measures RGB color points and dynamically controls all color accuracy for the LED light source, letting you enjoy long-lasting and consistently vibrant colors.

Over 100% DCI-P3 Color Gamut Guarantees No Color Accuracy

A color gamut wider than 100% DCI-P3 means overabundant colors and might lead to color deviation and oversaturation. Find projectors with appropriate color coverage for accurate color performance.

Check for "Color Coverage", not "Color Gamut"

BenQ GP500 360-Degree Sound Field

360-Degree Sound Field

GP500 has four drivers open to four directions. Its 360˚ sound field offers room-filing auditory experiences from every angle. Now, you can listen and watch from anywhere in the room to enjoy the thrilling and immersive aural experience.

BenQ GP500's Compact, Balanced Drivers icon

Compact, Balanced Drivers

Well-balanced full-range drivers provide rich, layered audio that immerses you in a cinematic experience. Feel the atmosphere and enjoy every beat with the outstanding audio performance.

BenQ GP500 Bass Reflex Cabinet Design icon

Bass Reflex Cabinet Design

Experience deeper, cinema-grade bass with the bass reflex cabinet design, engineered to enhance low-frequency output for a more immersive audio experience.

BenQ GP500 Acoustic Design icon

treVolo Acoustic Design

Onboard independent DSP chip with treVolo-exclusive psychoacoustic tuning creates 3D audio effects to make every moment unforgettable.

Sweet Spot Anywhere

World-leading BenQ technology adapts sounds to your viewing location to inspire awe wherever you sit, with individual speaker channel-switching and audio frequencies adjustment for diverse content. Feel the tension in movies with overpowering audio, or use GP500 as a Bluetooth speaker and listen to music with balanced treble, mid, and bass.

*Suggested distance between the listener and projector is about 1~2m ( 3~7ft).

BenQ GP500 projector placement on left for the perfect sweet spot


BenQ GP500 projector placement in front for the perfect sweet spot


BenQ GP500 projector placement on right for the perfect sweet spot


BenQ GP500 with auto focus, auto 2D keystone, screen fit, object avoidance

Build Your Own Smart Cinema

Relax and prepare to enjoy entertainment with BenQ’s intelligent technologies. You are sure to get perfectly square images with auto focus, auto 2D keystone correction, screen fit, and object avoidance. Jump into the immersive cinematic world intuitively and intelligently.

Auto Focus

Auto 2D Keystone

BenQ GP500 screen fit icon

Screen Fit

Object Avoidance

Bigger Awesome Images

Project >100” big screens from just 2.2m (7.3ft) projection distances with 1.3X big zoom and get immersed in epic scenes in rooms of any size.

BenQ GP500 projection distance
Have Concerns About the Setup?

Not sure about the projection distance? Use BenQ Projection Calculator, a free tool to simulate your projection environment.

Endless Entertainment

Lose yourself in your favourite content with direct access to streaming apps. Use Android TV to watch all your beloved streaming apps like Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, and more.

BenQ GP500 Android TV with streaming apps like Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube and more
Easy Screen Sharing

Full support for Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast makes casting content from phones and tablets simple. So enjoy games and much more without a hassle.

BenQ GP500 Easy Device Mirroring

Universal Connectivity

GP500 connects you to all kinds of devices with universal inputs, including dual HDMI 2.0b (HDCP 2.2), USB Type-A (USB 2.0), and ARC / SPDIF 5.1-channel audio out. Or cut the cord and link even more gadgets wirelessly with dual-band 2.4 / 5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

BenQ GP500 mobile icon


BenQ GP500 game console icon

Game Console

BenQ GP500 handheld game console icon

Handheld Game Console

BenQ GP500 laptop icon


BenQ GP500 Blu-ray player icon

Blu-ray Player

BenQ GP500 USB icon


Elegant Design for Your Lifestyle

With polished design and smart features, GP500 fits gracefully into your living room and matches your style.

BenQ GP500 Beautifully fit for your living space

1. True 4K optimized lens

2. Intuitive interface and optical zoom knob

3. Molded metal mesh for 360° speaker grills

4. Remote control with Google Assistant voice control