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I need to reset lamp hours, how I can do it?

You can find the instructions on the user manual. Press the exit button for five seconds, then it will become possible to reset the lamp hours in the OSD menu.

Applicable Models

MX716, DCP10, JOYBEE GP2, MX717, W7000, MS513P, MX514P, MW860USTI, MX815ST, MX816ST, LX60ST, LW61ST, MS502, MX503, 3D GLASSES 2, 0.3 WALL MOUNT-WM03G3, 0.4 WALL MOUNT-WM04G3, 0.6 WALL MOUNT-WM06G3, W703D, QPRESENTER, EP5920, MW817ST, 3D GLASSES - D3, GP10, MP515ST, MP772ST, MP776ST, MS500H, MW519, MW767, TS513P, MP780, W6500, GP10 DVD PLAYER, MS510, MX511, MX750, PB2140, PB9200, PE5120, PB2250, PB8260, PB6240, PE7700, MP620P, PE8720, MP720P, MP610, CP120, PE6800, PB2240, PB7230, PB7210, PB7110, W100, CP220, PB8263, PB8253, MP770, MP620, MP780 ST, MP776 ST, MP776, MP777, MP525, MP575, MP526, MP576, W1000, MP626, MP670, MP615P, MP625P, MP525P, W1000+, MX710, 3D GLASSES, 0.6 WALL MOUNT-WM06G2, WIRELESS DONGLE, SP891, MX761, MX810ST, MX812ST, MS612ST, MS614, MX660, MX880UST, MW512, 0.3 WALL MOUNT-WM03G2, CEILING MOUNT-CM00G2, MW881UST, W1100, MX660P, W1200, MX501, W700, MX763, MX764, MW814ST, W710ST, MS500, SH910, JOYBEE GP1, BENQ LAMP INTRODUCTION, MP515, MP515 ST, W6000, W600, MP525 ST, SP890, MP782 ST, CP270, MP623, MP624, MP513, MP727, MP724, MP735, MP523, MP514, SP920P, SP820, MP723, MP730, CP220C, MP511+, SP870, MP722, MP512, MP512 ST, MP522 ST, SP920, MP522, DATA PROJECTOR LAMP, HOME PROJECTOR LAMP, MP771, W20000, W5000, MP611C, W500, SP830, SP831, MP620C, MP511, MP622, MP622C, MP612, MP612C, W10000, MP721, MP510, MP721C, W9000, MP611, PB8230, PB7220, PB7200, PB2120, PB8120, PB2220, PB6100, PB6200, PE7800, PE8700, PB8220, SP840, W600+, MX760, MW811ST, MX613ST, MX615, MX711, SH960, W1060, MX850UST, MW851UST, MX813ST, MW516, MS513, MX514, MS500+, 0.4 WALL MOUNT-WM04G2, MW712, MX701, MP780 ST+

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