Why can't a display be added into DMS Local?


Please update the device definition (JSON) under setting in DMS Local.

Applicable Models

BenQ VR Demo Kit, DH551F, DH551C, PL490 , WDR02U, TWY01, ST550K, PL552 , BH2801 , BH3501 , BH2401 , SL8502K, SL7502K, SL6502K, SL5502K, SL4302K, IL430 , IL490 , IL550 , ST4301K , Device Management Solution, BH2801N, BH3801D , BH3801 , BH3801N , PL553 , ST6502, ST6502, BH2401T , BH3501T , ST7502, ST8602, X-Sign 2.0, ST4302, PL5502, ST5502, DEY01, PL5501, PL4901, CS6501, CS7501, CS8601, SL490 , SL6501 , BH280, BH281, BH380, PH5501 , PL550, SL550 , ST430K, ST650K, ST750K , ST860K

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