corporate interactive displays
Corporate Interactive Displays

BenQ Corporate Interactive Displays are designed to tap into the dynamic possibilities of the modern meeting room and help businesses develop and maintain an environment where ideas flow freely. It allows for extended, seamless team collaboration, stimulating more innovative ideas and is perfect for fostering collaboration then turning your creativities from abstract to real.

Save Energy, Save Money

BenQ Boards offer power-saving features to monitor and reduce energy consumption, save costs, and improve sustainability without compromising performance!

Stay Connected

As more meetings move online, equipping your hybrid teams with the right tools for video conferencing is the key to productive meetings.
Plug and present

Share your laptop screen using an HDMI or USB-C cable. With touchback, you can control your notebook right from the display while presenting.

Meet on the big screen

With a slot-in PC or the InstaShare Button, the BenQ Board Pro is compatible with leading video conferencing software such as Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.

Join calls with a click

Use the InstaShare Button to join calls on the BenQ Interactive display from your notebook. Make the most out of the camera, speakers, and microphone array.

Collaborate Your Way and Unleash Infinite Possibilities

BenQ's latest cloud software is designed to help teams collaborate more creatively and efficiently.
All your files at your fingertips

Instantly access and manage your personal data, files and device settings from any BenQ Interactive Display with Account Management System (AMS).

Convenient collaboration

With the multi-windows mode on EZWrite 6, you can load the screens of connected devices and different apps simultaneously so you don’t have to switch between windows.

Get everyone on board

Wirelessly share up to 9 screens to get a side-by-side view of everyone’s contributions, or cast the BenQ Board to connected devices to get everyone on the same page, all with InstaShare 2.

Promote Employee Well-being

Pro Series offers comprehensive MeetingroomCare protection. The RP04, the first Eyesafe® Certified 2.0 smart board with an RPF®50 rating, prioritises user vision safety. Its air quality sensor and built-in air ioniser ensure purification by monitoring and reducing pollutants. Additionally, TÜV and SIAA germ-resistant technology minimises the spread of germs on screens and peripherals.

Safe to touch

BenQ Board screens and peripherals have an antimicrobial coating that helps prevent the spread of germs in room.

Easy on the eyes

Prevent eye strain and other related eye issues with our anti-glare, flicker-free, Eyesafe® Certified 2.0 screens.

Breathe easy

Maintain good air quality in your meeting rooms with the help of the BenQ Board’s built-in air quality sensors and air ioniser.

Tools for IT & Admins

BenQ has designed comprehensive management solutions to help IT staff manage devices and accounts with ease.​
App management

Install, update, and delete apps on individual or multiple displays from your seat.

OTA updates

Keep your displays running smoothly by pushing over-the-air updates to selected devices.

Device analytics

Get advanced data of device operation, app usage, and IoT sensors.

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