Are there any security recommendations for integrating the InstaShow VS20 into the network and using the BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) feature?


Last updated Aug 15, 2023

There are 2 options to connect your InstaShow Host to a network:

1.     Using an Ethernet (RJ-45) Connection

2.    Using a Wireless Connection

Using an Ethernet (RJ-45) Connection

This is the recommended setup as it is the type of connection that provides the highest quality wireless conferencing. You can activate the WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi Security Option to separate guest access and employee access to keep your network secure. You can refer to below BYOM Direct Connection to the InstaShow VS20 Host

Using a Wireless Connection

Connecting the Host to your network wirelessly can be done via InstaShow VS20’s Wireless Repeater Mode feature. Repeater Mode does not support WPA2 Enterprise (WPA2 only) security encryption.

Security Recommendations for BYOM

In a BYOM setup where both the BYOM devices and the InstaShow VS20 Host are connected to the same network, there are 2 recommendations to upgrade the level of security:

-     Separate the LAN access for guest devices and employee devices by applying WPA2 Enterprise security as mentioned above.

-     Connect the InstaShow VS20 Host and the BYOM devices to the same Intranet, with no communication required over Internet. Then only allow employees with authenticated credentials to use internet. You can refer to below BYOM Indirect Connection to the InstaShow VS20 Host

VS20 BYOM indirection

BYOM Indirect Connection to the InstaShow VS20 Host

VS20 BYOM direct connection

BYOM Direct Connection to the InstaShow Host

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