Wireless Presentations at Smart Home Developer Radamecher

  • BenQ
  • 2020-03-23

The situation

RADEMACHER develops and produces smart home technologies in Rhede, Münsterland, Germany, to successfully make home more comfortable and contemporary. As a smart solutions provider in the field of home automation and as a producer of drives and controllers, RADEMACHER is constantly working to fulfil the high expectations of its customers for functionality and quality. In order to keep specialists and partners up to date with their HomePilot Smart Home range of products, the company holds training sessions several times a month. RADEMACHER also uses the same facilities for internal meetings.

The solution

Since external speakers are often present in training sessions, a modern presentation system was necessary. A flexible solution was sought that would be suitable for different types of presentation and would support more interactivity and dynamism. Extensive online research made project staff aware of wireless presentation systems, and therefore also the BenQ InstaShow™ system.

The challenge

Since being founded in 1967, RADEMACHER has specialized in home automation solutions and is currently a pioneer in the smart home sector. Over the years, the company has grown its portfolio of smart home solutions - and therefore also the range of training courses on offer. Previously, a speakers lectern connected to a projector was used for presentations. All presentations had to be copied onto a server in advance. Connecting a laptop could only be done close to the lectern via a cable. To enable modern presentations, a wireless presentation solution needed to be implemented in one of the training rooms.

The solution

Of key importance for the wireless presentation system was that no additional software should need to be installed. The lectern and dependence on a server should also disappear. The InstaShow™ WDC10 wireless presentation system from BenQ fully meets all the requirements of the automation specialist. The system is extremely easy to start using thanks to plug-and-play - and without any additional software or drivers. “InstaShow™ is one good looking device that fits in well with our HomePilot Smart Home. Its functions are of enormous benefit to our training session”, says Andreas Dölker, sales and marketing director, CSO and authorized representative of RADEMACHER.

The purely hardware-based solution makes meetings more efficient and dynamic. It doesn’t matter whether its our own staff or a visiting speaker wanting to present something: Everyone can present their content from any device with an HDMI output and USB connection. Minimal latency, high speed, and reliably are always guaranteed. Smooth playback of Full HD videos is possible wit he InstaVideo mode. The AES-128 encryption and WPA2 authentication protocol guarantee a high level of security for all uses.

The result

RADEMACHER now enjoys a modern wireless presentation system that gives them more flexibility in their training rooms and radically streamlines processes. Staff and visitors are extremely satisfied with the new solution. BenQ InstaShow™ WDC10 stands out for its ease of use and user-friendliness. The preparation time needed for meetings is reduced, since presentations no longer need copying over to a central server. The ability for participants to quickly and easily share their screen with everyone else is generating many new ideas and comments during internal meetings. “We are extremely pleased with the system’s flexibility and ease of use. Simply push a button, and within seconds it is possible to switch between 16 different presenters”, says Andreas Dölker. “Demand from staff and training course participants has gotten so large, that we are considering installing InstaShow™ in our other meeting rooms.”