BenQ InstaShow™ test-How the InstaShow Wireless Presentation System changed meetings at Teufel

  • BenQ
  • 2020-03-23



All the facts about Teufel at a glance


Segment: Meeting room solutions

Location: Berlin

Project: Incorporate plug and play InstaShow™ technology and projectors to facilitate and accelerate meeting presentations.

BenQ's project solutions: BenQ’s InstaShow™ WDC10


The problem
Audio specialist Teufel has ten meeting rooms at its location in Berlin. When planning the conference rooms, HDMI cables were laid under the floor between the table and the display on the wall. While this initially seemed to be a practical solution, over time a problem emerged - damaged cables could only be replaced with significant effort and cost. Presentations were made difficult by issues such as defective cables and HDMI splitters that would not work with all laptops. Using this traditional style of cabling, less technically-minded members of staff needed longer to prepare their devices for their presentation.


The solution

A reliable wireless presentation system that is exceptionally easy to use was needed. Teufel was made aware of InstaShow™ through a collaboration with BenQ. In order to carry out a thorough and practical test of the system, one of the ten meeting rooms was fitted out with the wireless presentation system.


Founded in 1979, Teufel specializes in the manufacture and sale of high-end speakers and home cinema systems. At this SME, an intensive meeting culture is highly valued. So that employees can actively practice this culture, the Berlin location has ten modern meeting rooms and well-used conference rooms. In order to prevent time being wasted on setting up the presentation technology and to avoid having to replace the underfloor cabling at great expense, a user-friendly wireless presentation system was discussed.


The required criteria are easily met by InstaShow™ from BenQ. The compact and well-designed device uses plug and play technology so that it is easy to connect and use, even by less technically-minded staff. No software needs to be installed, thus ensuring cross-platform compatibility. Long preparation times due to incompatibilities or defective cables are a thing of the past.

Once connected to the HDMI port on the computer, just one button needs to pressed and the connection is automatically established within five seconds. The transmission channel and appropriate resolution are selected by InstaShow automatically. Despite the wireless transfer, the device is not only user-friendly, but also secure due to the use of 128-bit AES encryption. Up to 16 participants per meeting room can attach an “InstaShow™ button” to their laptop to easily hold a conference in which the simple push of a button is all that is needed for a presenter to start presenting from their laptop.


InstaShow™ was broadly accepted by the staff and customers of Teufel for use in their day to day business. The presentation system contributed to making much more efficient use of the meeting room and reduces the amount of time needed for preparation to a minimum. Furthermore, the maintenance costs associated with a cabled solution are avoided almost entirely. Teufel has been convinced by the InstaShow™ system and is considering installing it in all ten meeting rooms.

About Teufel

Teufel is one of the largest German manufacturers of audio products. Its wide range of products includes home cinema systems, TV sound solutions, multimedia systems, classic hi-fis, headphones, Bluetooth and multiroom speakers with their proprietary Raumfeld streaming technology. The company started out in 1979 in Berlin with the development of speaker kits and has since developed to become Europe’s top direct seller of audio products.