What devices does TK810 support for wireless projection?


The devices TK810 supports with wireless projection are smartphones (iOS & Android) and laptops (Windows, Chrome& MacOS).

 There are 3 ways to transmit audio and video content via TK810 wireless projection: WLAN mode, TK810 hotspot mode, mobile hotspot mode. 

 * Due to the content protection mechanism for the subscription-based streaming platform, please note that “mobile devices” cannot “mirror” or ʺcastʺ the content of certain streaming services, such as Netflix, Fox+, Catchplay, iTunes, etc.


 The content you can cast via Airplay and Chromecast: 

1. Photos, videos, and music files on your mobile phone. 

2. Webpages

3. Content on Youtube

4. Music App (e.g. Spotify)

5. Office Doc and email app.

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