AWL700 Wireless Router


Please check the following LED indications:

Power LED While the power is properly connected, the green power LED indicator is on.
Status LED While the AWL700 is operating regularly, this orange LED will be blinking steadily.
WAN / LAN LED When the AWL700 is properly connected to the ADSL / Cable modem or to your PC the green LED will be on.
WAN / LAN LED While transmitting Data, this green LED is blinking.

What is the set-up procedure?

(1) Turn on the power of the BenQ AWL700 device.
(2) Connect the network port of the ADSL cable modem to the WAN PORT of the AWL700.
(3) Connect the network port of the PC's network card to the LAN PORT of the AWL700
(4) Install this device with the attached driver in the CD.

Do you have the right IP address of the AWL700?

Please connect your PC to the AWL700, then run the Apsearch.exe under Window’s OS. You will then find the IP address.

How do I re-set this device to the default?

After you find the IP address on the AWL700, you can establish an empty file in c:>, name it as 'Load_Default.upg'.  Then, type in  “tftp –i IP put Load_Default.upg” under C:.

It works, but the speed is too slow!

The more users connect to this Access point, the lower of the transmission rate.  So, if you want keep high transmission rate, if need to control the users link to this Access point.
Or, if there is too many Access point are working in the same place under the same Radio frequency, then the transmission rate is affected as well.