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“Jamboard helps us focus more on the ideas, and less on translating creative direction to different teams.”
-Avi Couillard, Senior Strategist at Instrument

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“I can see a future where Jamboard is on every screen making every meeting a multimedia collaboration event without needing to worry about where you are or what tools your missing.”
-Brian Dochney, IT technical product owner

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“Jamboard is the perfect anchor for a meeting. We can easily add content and capture great ideas from everyone.”
- Shaown Nandi, Chief Information Officer at Dow Jones

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“Now with Jamboard and the app, it’s easier to reach a consensus with the different stakeholders. I really cannot imagine how I’ve managed to integrate work efficiently in the past.”
- Vincent Kao, Senior Creative Director - NEXT.0

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“The biggest hurdle in our industry is overcoming the status quo. Here at PATH we're all about embracing change.”
- Ben Kaiser, Owner and Principal - PATH Architecture

Customer Stories
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