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Lister Increases Meeting Efficiency by 50% with Jamboard

Lister, one of the leading mental health care providers in Utrecht, Netherlands, had been experiencing challenges with their meeting facilities. Occupied meetings rooms and disorganized brainstorms were negatively impacting overall efficiency. Lister made the decision to implement Google Jamboard to transform their meeting experience.

Ideas stuck on the wall

Ronald Ferdinandus, IT Manager at Lister, identified the limitations of paper sticky notes.


“We were relying a lot on sticky notes for our brainstorming sessions and those are confined to just a single room, said Ferdinandus. “If that room was occupied, we were not able to access the notes.”


While researching solutions, Ferdinandus discovered the Jamboard during the Google Next Exhibition in San Francisco and immediately realised how it could revolutionise the company’s brainstorming abilities.1


Lister believes in recovery for everyone, with more than 30 years’ experience specialising in counselling people with psychological vulnerability and addiction.

 Unlike traditional whiteboards, Jamboard offers nearly unlimited space for brainstorming.
Products Used
Google Jamboard
55-inch, 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) digital, collaborative whiteboard

Getting ideas off the wall

The digital sticky note feature was a major selling point that convinced Lister to purchase the 4K collaborative whiteboard, it provides an easily accessible space for ideation.


“Now, opposed to endless walls of sticky notes, we have a 55'' digital whiteboard to post our ideas on,” Ferdinandus said.


Teams regularly challenge themselves to fill the board with digital sticky notes in order to maximize the number of ideas and perspectives. The digital notes can easily be arranged or categorized, allowing teams to quickly pinpoint major issues.


Additionally, Jamboard’s Google Drive integration allows ideas to be accessed by team members wherever there’s an internet connection, resolving their room availability concerns.


The ability to join jams from Chromebooks was also a strong selling point, it encourages all team members to work together. For Lister, this increased employee engagement during meetings and encouraged stronger team collaboration.


“We have noticed when we have a problem we cannot figure out, after using Jamboard, we pretty much always come out with a solution.” said Ferdinandus.

Increase meeting efficiency by 50%

At first, Jamboard use was sporadic, however, in the month that followed the team saw the value in the new technology and are now using Jamboard on a daily basis.


Lister have identified a significant increase in staff engagement during meetings in the first five months that Jamboard had been implemented, which led to a 50% increase in efficiency.


Ferdinandus also describes Lister’s enhanced communication with an example of when his team had to arrange a customized trolley to transport a large-sized display. In order to accomplish this, the cart needed to be constructed by an external vendor.


 “Using Jamboard, our team sketched the entire display stand, including how the weight needed to be distributed,” he said. “This allowed them to get a better and more accurate quotation from the vendor, speeding up the process significantly.”

Digitalised workspace with more G-suite technologies

During the process of redesigning their office spaces, Lister is eager to add more Google technologies to their expanding digital environment after their experience with the Jamboard.


In fact, the Jamboard acquisition resulted in such a paradigm shift that it convinced the company to migrate to a complete G Suite infrastructure from personal Gmail accounts to run Google hardware such as Chromebox and Chromebooks. This marks a highly significant business decision for a company operating in a market still dominated by Microsoft.2


What’s more, Jamboard has added so much value to their workplace that the company is looking to acquire more of them.


If you are interested in seeing how Jamboard can enhance your organization’s brainstorming efficiency, talk to us about a live demo.


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