The biggest challenge of distance learning for educators will be making sure that students are learning actively. They might face technical issues from a variety of situations and a communication gap between students. To face this challenge, Google provides a series of tools to help make distance learning interactive and save time for teachers. Google Jamboard is a complete all-in-one solution, providing digital whiteboarding functions and full-screen video conferencing to keep the lesson alive. With Google Classroom, Google Hangouts and Google Slides, the educator can easily arrange a learning activity and its full integration with G Suite makes communication unified to actively monitor student progress. Are you looking for more tips? Reserve your seat for this webinar and meet with our experts to learn more about Jamboard.


Tips for making distance learning alive  



27 / 4 / 2020 15:00-15:40 (CET)


In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to organize learning activities through Google Classroom? 
  • How to connect Google Classroom with Google Jamboard and set up a virtual interactive class? 
  • Three tips to engage students more during remote learning.  




Jasper van Oort 

✓  Field Application / Sales Engineer at BenQ Europe

✓  Skilled in Coaching, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Sales Management, and Educational Technology.


Daniel Johansson

✓  Development manager at Online Partner AB's education

✓  Senior consultant for a number of school principals. 


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