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BenQ Ergo Arm Transforms Your Work Environment

Enjoy Extra Productivity with BenQ Ergo Arm

Enjoy Extra Productivity with BenQ Ergo Arm

Whether you’re a graphics designer, a video editor, an animator, a sound editor, or just one who wants a tidy home office setup, you may want to try an ergo arm, believing that it will help rearrange your workspace and redefine the way you work.

Spotting this need, BenQ has equipped some select BenQ DesignVue monitors with an ergonomic arm, intending to offer productivity, compatibility, and flexibility in one. Check the below reasons to find out how you can benefit from a BenQ Ergo Arm.

Reason 1: Create A Right Work Environment

Nothing is more important than creating your own work environment, especially for those who work from home, since cases can be that you’re too busy to maintain a healthy posture or too comfortable at home to focus. This is where an ergo arm comes in. How so? You need to save the room for the arm to move, this clears away what’s in the way, leaving an open workspace right for you to commit to your work. When everything is in place, you will feel less stressed and be easier to concentrate when working. What’s more, BenQ’s ergo arm also has the smart cable management design to de-clutter your space. With right space and atmosphere, you can always work on your design in a more concentrating way and with improved productivity.

PD Ergo Arm Creates A Right Work Environment

Reason 2: Optimize Viewing Comfort

When using an ergo arm, it’s easy for you to maintain an eye-level placement and to improve your posture. What’s more, you can raise or lower, rotate or retract your screen easily, without much effort. Whether your screen sits deep against the wall or you have a bigger screen but insufficient desk depth, you can always move it forward or backward to suit your viewing needs. With the flexible height, depth, and angle adjustments, you can optimize your viewing comfort with the viewing distance/way you want, making it easy for you to work in a friendlier way.

Reason 3: Collaborate More Easily

Collaboration means a lot for brainstorming and seeking inspirations. BenQ Ergo Arm makes it smooth to collaborate by adjusting your monitor and displaying your design at various angles. Adjust your screen freely for perfect position and more inspirations.

PD Ergo Arm Increases Work Flexibility

Reason 4: Increase Work Flexibility

Unlike its aftermarket counterparts, BenQ Ergo Arm assures you of the compatibility capability with BenQ DesignVue monitors it comes shipped with. BenQ’s own ergo arm has great stability/weight capability, which frees you from worries when moving the monitor without wobbling. And you can always use the ergo arm to do any intuitive adjustments smoothly.

Benefit from an ergo arm and free yourself from disadvantages most aftermarket counterparts have. With an erg arm, you not only have a right work environment, and also viewing comfort, easy collaboration, and work flexibility in one.

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