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EW2880U | 28" 4K UHD HDRi IPS Monitor

  • 28" 4K HDR Monitor compatible with MacBook Pro M1

  • USB-C™ One-Cable Connectivity compatible with MacBook Pro Thunderbolt technology and with power delivery

  • P3 Wide Color with HDRi technology for enhanced gaming & cinematic visuals



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Boost your productivity with MacBook Pro M1 compatibility

BenQ EW2880U 4K HDR monitor provides the most efficient working station and most immersive cinematic experience with your Apple devices with new M1 chips. (Apple MacBook PRO/AIR/MINI compatible)

EW2880U leverages IPS panel with 16:9 90% DCI-P3 wide color gamut and superior audio to get to party your way
Throw a One-Person Party

When you’re in your own space, you get to party your way. Set the scene, choose your entertainment, and get ready to rock your world.

Get Ahead of the Game

With a wider view and immersive sound, there’s no more guessing. You’re fully equipped to see what’s coming at you in every adventure.

EW2880U HDR monitor with Game HDRi, and Racing mode on providing better image quality and gaming enjoyment
Game Mode

lights up your ride

Racing mode lights up your ride
Enhance the details on "Bright Scene"

makes scenes epic

RPG mode makes scenes epic
Provide more vivid colors for variety of scenes

discloses your foes

FPS mode discloses your foes
Emphasize the visibility of the enemies
Go to the Movies.
From the Comfort of Home.

Don’t compromise. Cinema sound and vision, with all the comforts of home. Get cozy and enjoy your movie night just how you’d like to.

Boost Your Binge-Watching

Thanks to a full, unencumbered view you can laugh, cry and binge-watch to your heart’s content, all without overtiring your eyes. Just one more episode…


refines color, brightness, and clarity for stellar visual performance

subtle color and brightness gradations reveal invisible details

delivers sharp and immersive images with detail and clarity

game freely with a tear-free and low-latency experience

offers vivid colors to deliver cinematic-quality visuals

Racing mode: take an exciting ride with a wider field of view and clear images

take an exciting ride with a wider field of view and clear images

gives lowered voices more clarity for quiet viewing at night

conveys resounding stereo sound with clear details

Plug in and Start My Day

It’s simple. Set ergonomic height and tilt settings to your ideal levels. Connect all your peripherals through varied hubs, including the latest single-cable USB-C™ with power delivery. Then, select your content and settle in for a great time!

EW2880U with 60W lighting USB-C power delivery EW2880U with 60W lighting USB-C power delivery
Game Mode
Clear the clutter of external speakers and let BenQ EW2880U's integrated sound system elevate your A/V experience
Premium Audio. Zero Clutter.

Integrated sound systems bring truly expansive sound to your movies, binge-watching and gaming. Take your audiovisual enjoyment to the next level with instant audio excellence without cable messes.

benq’s industry-leading eye-care tech reduces eye strain headaches and fatigue while improving viewer comfort
Keep Your Eyes Happy

Whether you’re binge-watching or working from home, built-in eye care helps keep your eyes comfortable and fresh.

global safety authority TÜV Rheinland certifies EW2880U Flicker-Free, and Low Blue Light as truly friendly to the human eye.
TÜV Rheinland Certification

Global safety authority TÜV Rheinland certifies EW2880U Flicker-Free, and Low Blue Light as truly friendly to the human eye.

benq proprietary brightness intelligence plus adjusts brightness and color temperature for an ideal viewing experience
Brightness Intelligence Plus

With a monitor that adapts to its surroundings, you can work comfortably in a sunny room or watch movies with the lights down low – always with perfectly balanced brightness and color temperature.

low blue light technology of EW2880U filters harmful blue light to protect eyes of all ages
Low Blue Light

Filters damaging blue light to diminish eye fatigue and irritation for enhanced viewing comfort.

EW2880U provides flicker-free which eliminates screen flickers found in traditional lcd monitors during extended viewing

Eliminates flickering at all brightness levels to reduce eye strain, headaches, and decreased productivity.

EW2880U comes with epaper mode, a simulated e-book display which balances text and background to make long reading sessions easy on the eyes
ePaper Mode

A simulated e-book effect with clear black and white reading layout makes a better reading experience.

EW2880U has color weakness mode with red and green filters, helping individuals with common types of color vision deficiency distinguish colors more easily
Color Weakness Mode

Red and green filters on the monitor help individuals with color perception deficiency distinguish colors more easily.