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EW3280U 4K Entertainment Monitor with HDRi Technology | BenQ

  • 32 inch 4K UHD 16:9 IPS Display

  • Wide-gamut Color Space with FreeSync

  • Built-in 2.1 Channel Speakers powered by treVolo



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EW3280U BenQ monitor
HDRi Takes Your Visual Immersion to a Brand-New Level

The sword-wielding hero vanquishing their enemy in the wolf howl-filled night. A marriage proposal made on the castle turrets with fireworks exploding in the background. Completely Immerse yourself with BenQ HDRi,a proprietary technology which will enhance the HDR content on your screen with Intelligent Control, Clarity Adjustments,and Vivid Colors. HDRi will offer you visual content with the clearest and sharpest images in the most exciting way.

Intelligent Control

Intelligent control detects the current ambient light level and the image content. It then automatically adjusts screen brightness for the ideal viewing experience.

Stunning Clarity

HDRi also improves image contrast and clarity for greater detail. You will see what’s concealed in dark corners and bright areas are not overexposed.

Vivid Colors

With HDRi colors are taken to next level accuracy and intensity with refined saturation and balance ensuring a mind-blowing color experience.

Immerse Yourself in Audiovisual Entertainment

Equip your entertainment area with a BenQ EW-series monitor. It delivers an excellent cinematic experience plus superior sound quality for the ultimate cinematic immersion. BenQ HDRi and the superior built-in 2.1 channel speakers offer a better entertainment experience than ever before.

24p cinematic frame rate feeds the eyes with the cinematic look
Engage All Your Senses

BenQ EW-series monitors make you feel as if you are really sitting in the cinema. The 24P cinematic frame rate feeds your eyes with a genuine and immersive movie experience.

ew3280u with industry-leading built-in 2.1 channel speakers
Awe-inspiring Sounds

Equipped with industry-leading 2.1 channel speakers, BenQ EW-series monitors are supported by treVolo, offering true tone sound for better immersion. treVolo is a professional speaker brand in the BenQ Group. Free from technology licensing, treVolo intends to create for every built-in speaker a tailor-made high sound quality.


Mind-blowing sound effects


Puts you right in the scene


Clarity means better understanding


Every beat rocks you


Locate your enemies by sounds we offer

your preferred settings make you enjoy your favorite movies
treVolo Orchestrates True Sound

Acoustic enjoyment with on a clean desk. BenQ has tuned its audio for the reproduction of true sound and personalized settings by not adopting indexes like loudness, watt, and noise cancellation. When you listen to the sound of a treVolo speaker, you will get five sound indicators for full immersion as well as three fine-tuned personalized settings for your enjoyment.

your preferred settings make you enjoy your favorite movies
your preferred settings make you enjoy your favorite movies
Your Entertainment, Your Way

Adjust the monitor the way you want to. Special features like the remote control, the 5-key navigator as well as the volume wheel provide great convenience and make it easy to select your preferred settings. Smart cable management design provides you with a clutter-free space while enjoying all kinds of content from versatile input sources.

control from anywhere in your room by remote control
Remote Control

Control from anywhere in your room

one-stop navigator to reach all the settings with 5-key Navigator
5-key Navigator

One-stop navigator to all settings

volume wheel to scroll to your desired level
Volume Wheel

Scroll to Control

benq’s exclusive eye-care technologies reduce eye fatigue for user comfort enhanced productivity and workplace safety during extended use
Your Eyes, We Care

BenQ's industry-leading eye-care technologies reduce eye fatigue while ensuring more user comfort after a long period of usage.


TÜV Rheinland Certification

Global safety authority TÜV Rheinland certifies the EW3280U as Flicker-Free and with Low Blue Light making it truly friendly for the human eye.

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology is to brilliantly detect the ambient light levels as well as the color temperature in your viewing environment to automatically adjust on-screen brightness and color temperature to grant you a cozy viewing comfort. Your contents will get more details in dark areas while also maintaining a visible level of clarity and intensity.

B.I. plus tech. is to brilliantly detect the ambient light levels and the color temperature in your viewing environment to automatically adjust on-screen brightness and color temperature for viewing comfort
ePaper Mode

Simulated e-book effect with a clear black and white reading layout for a more convenient reading experience.

Eye reminder

This mode uses an infrared sensor to accurately detect the user’s presence and track their desk time to suggest a break in time.

Color Weakness Mode

Red and green filters help individuals with color deficiency distinguish colors more easily.

Low Blue Light

Effectively reduces eye fatigue and irritation bringing better viewing comfort.


Eliminates flickering at all brightness levels to reduce eye fatigue.

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