BenQ Refurbished Products

Giving returned products a new life.

Convenience is everything. If someone changes their mind about a product they can easily return it. BenQ offers these returned and refurbished products to other customers at an attractive price. This way you can take advantage of a like-new product for a lower price and also help the planet a bit.


Refurbished by BenQ

Refurbished BenQ products are thoroughly tested and cleaned using high standards to make sure they work like a new product. Aside from taking advantage of a lower price you also get a standard 1 year warranty* on a refurbished item, because we have confidence in our products. Naturally is the BenQ Customer Care Team available for you, in case you need any support for your refurbished BenQ product.

Together we will reduce our footprint on the environment. 


(*Warranty starts from Invoice Date)