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You are ordering from the English shop, here you can choose to send to Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Czechia, Poland.

BenQ Online Shop does not ship to Norway, Sweden, Finlland, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Bosnia, Malta, Cyprus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


When ordering from, please follow these instructions to order the product from your desired shipping country:
Austria, please order through the Austrian Website
Belgium, please order through the Netherlands Website* or the EU Website
France, please order through the French Website*
Germany, please order through the German Website
Ireland, please order through the European Website*
Italy, please order through the Italian Website* or the EU Website
Portugal, please order through the European Website
Spain, please order through the Spanish Website* or the EU Website
The Netherlands, please order via NL website
United Kingdom, please order through the UK Website*