Speaker / Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker / treVolo S

World’s Smallest Bluetooth Electrostatic Speaker | treVolo S

  • Hear all the details in your music with Electrostatic Speaker Technology

  • Enjoy a rich and expressive bass performance with dual woofers and dual amplifiers

  • Enhance your audio enjoyment with non-distorted 3D and duo modes


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Take Music’s Beauty With You to New Heights

Designed with BenQ’s Electrostatic Speaker Technology, treVolo S takes you to new heights of audio satisfaction as you enjoy natural sound of astonishing clarity.

Proprietary Non-Distorted 3D Mode That Transports You to the Live Music Scene

Activate non-distorted 3D mode with a touch of the button, instantly transforming your room into a live house, bringing you an unforgettable, immersive listening experience!

How Non-Distorted 3D Mode Works

Without altering the original soundwaves, treVolo S’s proprietary non-distorted 3D mode significantly increases the dimensions of the listening space, taking the audio scene to a three-dimensional level.

Electrostatic Technology

treVolo S uses the same Electrostatic Speaker Technology that is typically reserved for high-end speaker systems. With a distortion rate that is only one-tenth of the rate of conventional speakers and no cabinet resonance, electrostatic speakers deliver natural and spacious sound.

* Conventional speakers have a distortion rate of 10% while electrostatic speakers have a distortion rate of less than 1%.

Dual Woofers x Dual Amplifiers

Powered by dual 12W woofers, dual amplifiers, and dual vibrating diaphragms, the treVolo S produces smooth, rich bass sounds and distinguishable sweet highs.

Elevate the Level of Audio Enjoyment

treVolo S is tailored to fulfill listening to music on-the-go and high quality audio enjoyment.

USB Charger and Internal USB DAC

Keep your treVolo S charged by using a micro USB cable. Send a pure digital audio signal transmission directly to the treVolo S speaker through a micro USB connector.

*Supports up to 48kHz

Turn Every Audio Experience into an Enjoyment

Empowered by the convenient Bluetooth transmission, treVolo S enriches your audio experience while listening to music, watching movies or playing video games.

Duo Mode

Pair two treVolo S together to find the most suitable speaker configuration for any purpose.

Party Mode

Stereo Mode

Continuous Play

Equipped with long lasting batteries, treVolo S gives you 18 hours of uninterrupted audio enjoyment, whether you’re camping or on a road trip.

Share Music On-the-Go

Carry treVolo S with you to any gathering and let the music fill the air. Share every rhythm and mood in the song with your beloved ones.

NFC-One-Touch Connection

Easily pair your smartphone or tablet with treVolo S by lightly touching your device to the N mark on treVolo S.