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Smart Projectors for Classrooms

Knowledge without Borders

BenQ Smart Projectors offer a ton of useful features to elevate teaching quality to new heights. Click on the icons below to learn more about each feature and its benefits

Blended Learning with BenQ Smart Projector
wireless projection
Blended Learning is Here to Help

Increased engagement and interaction

While getting used to the new normal, it is good practice for schools to limit student movement through the classroom. Wireless casting from their own device to the projector from their own seat will help greatly, while still keeping a fun atmosphere with greater interaction.    

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PC-less Teaching

Cloud Drive

Get your lesson started in mere seconds, by either plugging in a USB stick with teaching materials straight into the Smart Projector or pull down your documents from the connected cloud storage. No more time lost looking for your files means more quality time with the students.  

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pc-less teaching
Hybrid Meeting
Smart Software Solutions

All the tools you need at your disposal

Using the right software makes all the difference while teaching. BenQ's Smart Projectors come with a wide range of software that help you get classes started quicker and get your students highly engaged throughout the entire lesson.     

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What You Need is a
Smart Projector for Education
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Smart Projector

BenQ EH600 Smart Wireless Projector

Smart Projector with 3500lm,1080p |
Wireless projection | PC-less

Smart Projector

BenQ EW600 Smart Wireless Projector

Smart Projector with 3600lm, WXGA |
Wireless projection | PC-less

Smart Projector

BenQ EH600 Smart Wireless Projector

Short Throw Smart Projector for Education
with 3300lm, WXGA