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EZWrite 6

Interactive whiteboard

Let your ideas take the lead on a variety of platforms with EZWrite 6.

  • Whiteboard via your BenQ display or Windows device
  • Create freely with rich tools on a scalable canvas
Special Promotion
    • Whiteboard via your BenQ display or Windows device
    • Create freely with rich tools on a scalable canvas
    Special Promotion
      Multiple platform support

      EZWrite 6 runs on Android and Windows devices, as well as web browsers on Mac, iPad, and Chromebook.

      Smooth end-to-end user experience

      EZWrite 6 provides a consistent experience across all platforms. Prepare content on the computer, present from any display and share the session to allow remote participation.

      Comprehensive tools for powerful whiteboarding
      Pens & highlighters

      Choose from a variety of pens, markers, and brushes in any colour for flexible writing and annotation.

      Text tool

      Add text to your whiteboard with different colours and styles for clear, easy-to-read content.


      Three ways to intuitively erase content: using your hand as an eraser, striking through objects or clearing the entire page.

      Whiteboard your way

      Whether you're writing, drawing, inserting text, or adding images, everything on the board can be customised the way you want it. Select content to copy and paste, scale, group and layer.

      Bring everything together on one canvas

      Open documents and image files directly on the whiteboard to facilitate discussions. When you’re done, save the session as in IWB file so you can pick up right where you left off.

      Boundless whiteboard, limitless ideas

      Never run out of space with the scalable whiteboard. Add as many pages as you need and zoom in and out anywhere on the canvas.

      Multiple ways to control content
      Gesture control

      Intuitively move objects and navigate the canvas with your fingers on touch devices.

      Mouse and keyboard

      Use the conventional keyboard and mouse combination to freely edit whiteboard content.

      A tool for every purpose

      EZWrite 6 comes with an extensive set of tools for all your whiteboarding needs.

      Lines and shapes

      Use 2D and 3D geometric shapes and lines to get your point across with clear visuals.

      Sticky note

      EZWrite 6 has a built-in text tool that allows you to type in words and phrases and adjust their style for clearer formatting.

      Tools for creative interaction

      Use the scoreboard and timer to hold competitions and liven up your sessions. Or use the ruler, compass and protractor for math-related content.

      Google Classroom integration

      By connecting to Google Classroom, EZWrite 6 lets you pull up lesson materials without ever leaving the board. You can teach, send announcements, and assign homework all on a BenQ interactive display.