Albert-Kahn Museum Exhibits its Archives of the Planet with BenQ Immersive Solutions

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  • 2023-10-06
Albert-Kahn Museum Exhibits its Archives of the Planet with BenQ Immersive Solutions
Albert-Kahn Museum Exhibits its Archives of the Planet with BenQ Immersive Solutions
The Issue

Due to the need to restore the colours and depth of its Archives of the Planet autochromes on screens, the Albert-Kahn Museum decided to look for a visual system that would leave the visitors in a pleasant immersion.

The Solution

The museum reached out to BenQ’s simulation and immersive projection experts to discuss possible solutions that could fulfil their expectations. The selected solutions were a series of BenQ immersive projectors and displays such as SL7502K, LU960UST, LU9245, and the short throw lens LS2ST2.

The Result

After the integration of BenQ’s visual solutions, the visitors of the museum could immerse in the splendour of the restored versions of the autochromes on screens and appreciate the anthropological history.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solutions

  • 7 x SL7502K
  • 6 x LU960UST
  • 2 x LU9245
  • 2 x LS2ST2 lenses





Boulogne-Billancourt, France



To exhibit the cultural diversities and the anthropological history with maximum visual appeal, the Albert-Kahn Museum decided to restore the Archives of the Planet while ensuring its durability to stand the test of time, using BenQ projection systems.

About Albert-Kahn Museum

The Albert-Kahn Museum, situated in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, is a renowned departmental museum that encapsulates the essence of various national traditions through its four-hectare gardens and alluring landscape scenes. The museum houses a remarkable collection of historical photographs and films curated by the visionary banker and philanthropist, Albert Kahn. This collection, known as the “Archives of the Planet,” aims to document and contextualise human history and cultural diversity.

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A Journey to the Depth of Human Life

Albert Kahn set off on an adventurous round-the-world journey together with his chauffeur, Alfred Dutertre, in November 1908 after having made a fortune in lucrative speculation in shares of the emerging markets. They visited 50 countries to document a broad diversity of history and culture through film extracts and photographs taken by Dutertre.

Currently, this project is publicly exhibited at the Albert-Kahn Museum, broadening the horizons of visitors about anthropological concepts including the history, traditions, cultures, and lifestyles of 50 different nations during the 20th century.

Searching for an Optimal Solution

Unarguably, traditional photographs are hardly resistant to the passing of time and are difficult to maintain. The Albert-Kahn Museum faced the challenge of effectively preserving the archives since they were in the form of autochromes, which are the early colour photographs common in the period they had been taken.

The museum wanted to restore the vibrancy, depth, and authenticity of autochromes on screens, captivating the visitors while also preserving a significant portion of the Archives of the Planet. To tackle this issue, the museum sought a technologically advanced, ergonomic, and comfortable system that would allow them to showcase photographs and film extracts, immersing visitors in an engaging experience and growing their knowledge simultaneously. In short, the mission was to create an enduring, visually spectacular visitor experience that would stand the test of time.

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BenQ Preserves the Archives of the Planet

In response to the museum's intricate requirements, BenQ, a leader in immersive visual solutions, stepped in as the expert partner. With their rich expertise in integrating cutting-edge technology, visual aesthetics, and equipment reliability, BenQ's team of specialists collaborated closely with the museum and provided tailor-made Projection Services for them.

Through consultations with BenQ's simulation and immersive projection experts, it was evident that BenQ's suite of products perfectly addressed the specific needs of the exhibition. Therefore, a solution was chosen that encompassed a series of immersive projectors such as LU960UST, LU9245, and LS2ST2 lenses models and the SL7502K digital signage. The combination of projectors and the displays not only met the museum's requirements but also offered an immersive experience that captivated visitors.

BenQ's customer service ensured swift resolutions once some hurdles arose during the process. They promptly replaced a faulty screen and dispatched a technician on-site to update the screens, showcasing the commitment to providing aftersales support.

“The Albert-Kahn museum's permanent tour has been using reliable equipment supplied by BenQ for its main interactive audiovisual system for over a year.”
Aurélie Linxe, Exhibition Manager and David-Sean Thomas, Editor & Heritage Conservation Officer

By carefully aligning BenQ's expertise with the Albert-Kahn Museum's vision, this partnership has significantly improved the visitor experience, brought historical photographs and film extracts to life, and created a legacy for future generations to appreciate. The museum achieved a substantial financial profit after this integration and enjoyed the exceptional resilience of the products during their first ten months of operation. Visitors, on the other hand, praised and appreciated the stunning exhibition of the historical autochromes on screens.