Enhancing Artistic Displays: BenQ Projectors Illuminate Cambrai Lab's Architectural Exhibition

  • BenQ
  • 2023-03-24
Enhancing Artistic Displays: BenQ Projectors Illuminate Cambrai Lab's Architectural Exhibition
Enhancing Artistic Displays: BenQ Projectors Illuminate Cambrai Lab's Architectural Exhibition
The Issue

The issue that the Cambrai Lab faced was that the room designated for the city plan projection had a low ceiling height that could not be modified. This posed a challenge in creating a large-scale projection that would be visible to visitors.

The Solution

The solution to this issue was to use projectors with a short throw length. By using BenQ projectors, the centre was able to project a large image in a horizontal orientation, despite the limited ceiling height. Additionally, two projectors were combined to create a single image with a width of 5 metres.

The Result

As a result of this innovative solution, the Cambrai Lab was able to provide an engaging and informative experience for visitors, despite the physical constraints of the building. The projection of the city's plan in relief was successfully created and displayed for visitors, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the architecture and heritage of Cambrai.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solutions

  • 10 x LU951ST projector





Cambrai, France



The Cambrai Lab overcame the challenge of a low ceiling height by using BenQ’s short-throw projectors, resulting in an impressive projection of the city plan that enriched visitors' understanding of Cambrai's heritage.

Revealing the Intersection of Art and History: The Cambrai Lab's Creative Exploration

The Cambrai Lab is a research group that focuses on the intersection between art and history. More specifically, their research aims to investigate the ways in which art and visual culture have played a role in shaping historical events and processes. They explore how artistic representations, imagery, and visual culture have shaped political, social, and cultural phenomena throughout history.

The Cambrai Lab engages in interdisciplinary research that draws on art history, visual studies, cultural studies, and other related fields. They conduct research on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to the role of art in political propaganda, the representation of marginalised groups in art and visual culture, and the ways in which artists have responded to major historical events such as war and revolution.

In addition to its research activities, the Cambrai Lab also organises public events, such as lectures, workshops, and exhibitions, to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the role of art in shaping history. Their work is interdisciplinary and innovative, bringing together scholars from a variety of fields to explore the intersection between art and history.

BenQ Fulfils Cambrai Lab's High-Stakes Projection Needs

In completing their project, Cambrai Lab faced several challenges, including limited ceiling height and a large plan relief, as well as the need for a durable and reliable projection system that could run continuously during the Lab's opening hours. Despite these challenges, Cambrai Lab overcame them through innovative solutions, resulting in an impressive display that met their expectations.

To meet their specific needs, Cambrai Lab required a front projection video projector and 2 zenithal projection video projectors with a short focal length and intense rhythm of use. By selecting BenQ's projectors, they invested in technology that delivered optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency.

For their architectural model exhibition, Cambrai Lab selected 10 units of the LU951ST model, a premium projector designed for professional applications, delivering exceptional image quality and visually striking presentations.

The decision to use projectors was based on their ability to meet Cambrai Lab's large projection needs. The selection of BenQ was due to their service provider, Technik Adress, providing a proposal of different BenQ projectors and their trust in the recommendation. After trying out the BenQ projectors, Cambrai Lab found satisfaction in their performance, leading to their decision to stick with them. Their decision was based on practicality and trust in their reseller's recommendation.


After receiving installation advice from Technik Adress to use BenQ projectors, Cambrai Lab made the final decision to install BenQ projectors. Cambrai Lab did not encounter any significant obstacles during its process. The fact that both BenQ and the reseller were able to provide professional suggestions to customers suggests that the Lab had a smooth and efficient process in place. Cambrai Lab expressed high satisfaction with the results and displayed enthusiasm for the exhibition, indicating a belief that it will be well-received by the public.